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Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Information



Mesothelioma Veteran's Resources

History, Ships, & Shipyards

Asbestos Exposure
Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of the deadly cancer known as mesothelioma. Asbestos-related lung diseases, including mesothelioma, cannot be detected shortly after exposure. In fact, a diagnosis of mesothelioma appears many decades after the initial asbestos exposure. U.S. veterans who served in the military were exposed to the deadly fibers of asbestos in their daily routines and may develop mesothelioma decades after being exposed to asbestos.

There are many examples of asbestos exposure in military settings stretching from World War II until about the mid-1970s. Those serving in the Navy had significant asbestos exposure. Between 1930 and 1980, the Navy used large amounts of asbestos-containing products in ships, submarines, aircraft carriers and shipyards to take advantage of the excellent heat and fire-resistant properties it contained. The flame-retardant properties of asbestos made it an outstanding insulation for isolating compartments aboard a ship. At one time, the use of asbestos was mandated by the Navy, applying the carcinogen in at least 300 substances for construction and maintenance aboard warships, submarines and service at shipyards.

World War II Navy Ships That Contained Some Asbestos
uss alabama
uss alaska
uss alden
uss antietam
uss arcturus
uss arizona
uss arkansas
uss astoria
uss baltimore
uss barnes
uss bataan
uss belleau wood
uss bennington
uss block island
uss bogue
uss bon homme richard
uss boxer
uss breese
uss brooklyn
uss bunker hill
uss cabot
uss california
uss casablanca
uss cavalla
uss clemson
uss cleveland
uss colhoun
uss commencement bay
uss cowpens
uss dahlgren
uss drum
uss el dorado
uss enterprise
uss essex
uss fletcher
uss forrestal
uss franklin
uss frederick davis
uss gambier bay
uss gamble
uss gato

uss goldsborough
uss guam
uss hancock
uss harder
uss hornet
uss independence
uss indiana
uss indianapolis
uss intrepid
uss iowa
uss johnston
uss juneau
uss knapp
uss lake champlain
uss lamberton
uss langley
uss lexington
uss long island
uss maryland
uss massachusetts
uss mc kean
uss mckean
uss mckeen
uss melvin
uss milwaukee
uss minneapolis
uss mississippi
uss missouri
uss monterey
uss namakagon
uss nevada
uss new jersey
uss new mexico
uss new orleans
uss new orleans
uss new york
uss north carolina
uss northampton
uss o brien
uss oklahoma
uss omaha
uss oriskany
uss pennsylvania
uss princeton
uss quincy
uss ramsay
uss randolph
uss ranger
uss richmond
uss saginaw
uss san francisco
uss san jacinto
uss sandlance
uss saratoga
uss satterlee
uss semmes
uss shangri la
uss south dakota
uss tattnall
uss taylor
uss tennessee
uss texas
uss ticonderoga
uss tuscaloosa
uss underhill
uss utah
uss vammen
uss vincennes
uss wahoo
uss washington
uss wasp
uss west virginia
uss wiley
uss wisconsin
uss york town
uss yorktown
uss zippo
uss taussig
uss inchon

Asbestos Was Everywhere
For many years, Naval workers were also exposed to deadly asbestos particles during their jobs in the construction, maintenance, demolition and renovation of warships and buildings, and most of the time at elevated levels. Navy personnel stationed aboard these asbestos-laden ships were frequently showered in asbestos dust. Asbestos became deadly when it was disturbed. Dry asbestos is brittle and tiny asbestos fibers are released into the air when they are broken. These particles can be inhaled easily and adhere to the internal lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart. These fibers, which lie dormant for decades, cause deadly diseases like mesothelioma.

Asbestos Taken Home
Living in close quarters aboard ships and working in shipyards unavoidably caused asbestos products to be struck and asbestos particles to be disturbed - thus this led to the inhalation of the carcinogenic particles. Sadly, particles attached to clothing were regularly carried home and eventually even the family and friends of Navy personnel were exposed to the lethal material.

Asbestos-Containing Products
Naval records for asbestos-containing substances used in shipyards, ship repairs, and ship construction still exist and are used in studying asbestosis, mesothelioma and asbestos cases. Naval shipyard records, ship databases, ships history records, and war diaries are also used to identify specific products used. Many asbestos-containing products are used to identify Navy veteran's asbestos claims.

Asbestos Shipyards
Navy shipyards involved with veterans asbestos claims include;

� Brooklyn Navy Yard (aka New York Navy Shipyard), Brooklyn, New York

� Charlestown Navy Yard (aka Boston Navy Yard), Boston, Massachusetts

� Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California

� Mare Island Naval Shipyard (aka Mare Island Naval Station), California

� New London Shipyard (aka New London Naval Submarine Base), Groton, Connecticut

� Norfolk Naval Shipyard (aka Gosport Shipyard), Portsmouth, Virginia

� Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

� Philadelphia Naval Shipyard (aka Philadelphia Naval Base), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

� Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Maine

� Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

� Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington

� San Francisco Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, California

� Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.

Other Navy ships thought to have contained asbestos:
CV-1 Langley 1922 Langley-class, lead ship Sunk, 27 February 1942 65 nm south of Cilacap, Java
CV-2 Lexington 1927 Lexington-class, lead ship Sunk, 8 May 1942 in the Battle of the Coral Sea
CV-3 Saratoga 1927 Lexington-class Sunk, 25 July 1946 in Operation Crossroads as a nuclear test target
CV-4 Ranger 1934 Ranger-class, lead ship Decommissioned: 18 October 1946. Scrapped 1947
CV-5 Yorktown 1937 Yorktown-class, lead ship Sunk, 7 June 1942 in the Battle of Midway
CV-6 Enterprise 1938 Yorktown-class Decommissioned: 17 February 1947. Scrapped 1960
CV-7 Wasp 1940 Wasp-class, lead ship Sunk, 15 September 1942 during the Guadalcanal campaign
CV-8 Hornet 1941 Yorktown-class Sunk, 27 October 1942 in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
CV-9?a,c,d Essex 1942 Essex-class, lead ship Decommissioned: 30 June 1969. Scrapped 1975
CV-10?a,c,d Yorktown 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 27 June 1970. Preserved, Patriot's Point Naval & Maritime Museum—Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
CV-11?b,c,d Intrepid 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 15 March 1974. Preserved, Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum—New York, New York, USA
CV-12?a,c,d Hornet 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 26 June 1970. Preserved, USS Hornet Museum—Alameda, California, USA
CV-13? Franklin 1944 Essex-class Decommissioned: 17 February 1947. Scrapped 1966
CV-14?b,c,d Ticonderoga 1944 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 1 September 1973. Scrapped 1975
CV-15?a,c,d Randolph 1944 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 13 February 1969. Scrapped 1975
CV-16?b,c,f Lexington 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 8 November 1991. Preserved, USS Lexington Museum On the Bay— Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
CV-17? Bunker Hill 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 9 January 1947. Scrapped 1973
CV-18?a,c,d Wasp 1943 Essex-class Decommissioned: 1 July 1972. Scrapped 1973
CV-19 b,c Hancock 1944 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 30 January 1976. Scrapped 1976
CV-20?a,c,d Bennington 1944 Essex-class Decommissioned: 15 January 1970. Scrapped 1994
CV-21?e Boxer 1945 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 1 December 1969. Scrapped 1971
CVL-22 Independence 1943 Independence-class light carrier, lead ship Nuclear test target in Operation Crossroads, July 1946. Decommissioned: 28 August 1946. Scuttled 29 January 1951
CVL-23 Princeton 1943 Independence-class Sunk, 24 October 1944, Battle of Leyte Gulf
CVL-24 Belleau Wood 1943 Independence-class Transferred to France as Bois Belleau (R97) (1953–1960). Returned to U.S. Scrapped 1960
CVL-25 Cowpens 1943 Independence-class Decommissioned: 13 January 1947. Scrapped 1960
CVL-26 Monterey 1943 Independence-class Decommissioned: 16 January 1956. Scrapped 1971
CVL-27 Langley 1943 Independence-class Transferred to France as La Fayette (R96) (1951–1963). Returned to U.S. Scrapped 1964
CVL-28 Cabot 1943 Independence-class Transferred to Spain as Dédalo (R-01) (1967–1989). Returned to the U.S. Scrapped 2002
CVL-29 Bataan 1943 Independence-class Decommissioned: 9 April 1954. Scrapped 1961
CVL-30 San Jacinto 1943 Independence-class Decommissioned: 1 March 1947. Scrapped 1972
CV-31?b,c Bon Homme Richard 1944 Essex-class Decommissioned: 2 July 1971. Scrapped 1992
CV-32?d Leyte 1946 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 15 May 1959. Scrapped 1970
CV-33?a,c,d Kearsarge 1946 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 13 February 1970. Scrapped 1974
CV-34 a,b,c Oriskany 1950 'The Might O', 'The Big O' Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 30 September 1976. Scuttled as an artificial reef, May 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico [1]
CV-35 Reprisal Canceled
(August 12, 1945) Long hull Essex-class Canceled while under construction. Hulk launched in 1946 and used for experiments and explosive tests. Scrapped 1949
CV-36?d Antietam 1945 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 8 May 1963. Scrapped 28 February 1974
CV-37?e Princeton 1945 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 30 January 1970. Scrapped 1971
CV-38?b,c,d Shangri-la 1944 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 30 July 1971. Scrapped 1988
CV-39?a,d Lake Champlain 1945 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 2 May 1966. Scrapped 1972
CV-40?d Tarawa 1945 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 13 May 1960. Scrapped 1968
CVB-41?b,c Midway 1945 Midway-class, lead ship Decommissioned: 11 April 1992. Preserved, USS Midway Museum—San Diego, California, USA
CVB-42?b,c Franklin D. Roosevelt 1945 Midway-class Decommissioned: 30 September 1977. Scrapped 1978
CVB-43?b,c Coral Sea 1947 Midway-class Decommissioned: 26 April 1990. Scrapped 2000
CVB-44 Canceled Midway-class Canceled
CV-45 e Valley Forge 1946 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 15 January 1970. Scrapped 1971
CV-46 Iwo Jima Canceled
(August 12, 1945) Long hull Essex-class Canceled while under construction. Scrapped 1946
CV-47?d Philippine Sea 1946 Long hull Essex-class Decommissioned: 28 December 1958. Scrapped 1971
CVL-48 Saipan 1946 Saipan-class, lead ship Converted to USS Arlington (AGMR-2) 1966. Decommissioned: 14 January 1970. Scrapped 1976
CVL-49 Wright 1947 Saipan-class Converted to USS Wright (CC-2) 1963. Decommissioned: 27 May 1970. Scrapped 1980
CV-50 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CV-51 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CV-52 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CV-53 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CV-54 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CV-55 Canceled Long hull Essex-class Canceled
CVB-56 Canceled Midway-class Canceled
CVB-57 Canceled Midway-class Canceled
CVA-58 United States Canceled
(April 23, 1949) United States-class supercarrier, lead ship Canceled five days after the ship's keel was laid down
CV-59 Forrestal 1955 Forrestal-class supercarrier, lead ship Decommissioned 11 September 1993. Currently docked at NISMF, Philadelphia, PA
CV-60 Saratoga 1956 Forrestal-class supercarrier Decommissioned 20 August 1994. To be dismantled at NS Newport, RI[2]
CV-61 Ranger 1957 Forrestal-class supercarrier Decommissioned 10 July 1993. On donation hold, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-62 Independence 1959 Forrestal-class supercarrier Decommissioned 30 September 1998. Awaiting disposal, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-63 Kitty Hawk 1961 Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier, lead ship Decommissioned 12 May 2009. In reserve until 2015, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-64 Constellation 1961 Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier Decommissioned 6 August 2003. Awaiting disposal, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CVN-65 Enterprise 1961 Enterprise-class supercarrier, lead ship Active; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia. The Enterprise is scheduled to be deactivated on 1 December 2012. On going petition to name the latest carrier CVN-80 the USS Enterprise.
CV-66 America 1965 Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier Decommissioned 9 August 1996. Scuttled in 2005 as a live-fire test platform
CV-67 John F. Kennedy 1968 Kennedy-class supercarrier, lead ship Decommissioned 1 August 2007. On donation hold, docked at NISMF, Philadelphia, PA. CVN-79 construction started and projected completion in 2020 to be the second carrier named the USS John F Kennedy.
CVN-68 Nimitz 1975 Nimitz-class supercarrier, lead ship Active; Homeport: Naval Station Everett, Everett, Washington
CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1977 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-70 Carl Vinson 1981 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California
CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt 1986 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln 1989 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Station Everett, Everett, Washington
CVN-73 George Washington 1992 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Yokosuka Naval Base, Yokosuka, Japan
CVN-74 John C. Stennis 1995 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, Washington
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman 1998 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan 2003 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Air Station, North Island San Diego, California
CVN-77 George H.W. Bush 2009 Nimitz-class supercarrier Active; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
IX-64 Wolverine 1942 Training ship Decommissioned: 7 November 1945. Scrapped 1947
IX-81 Sable 1943 Training ship Decommissioned: 7 November 1945. Scrapped 1948
SS Lexington (CV-2, ex-CC-1) 8 × 16 in (406 mm)[12] 7 in (178 mm)[12] 44,638 long tons
(45,354 t)[9] 4 screws, turboelectric,
33 kn (61 km/h; 38 mph)[12] 8 January 1921[9] 3 October 1925[10] 14 December 1927[10] Sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea, 8 May 1942[10]
USS Constellation (CC-2) 8 August 1920[9] Cancelled 17 August 1923[9] and sold for scrap[13]
USS Saratoga (CV-3, ex-CC-3) 25 September 1920[9] 7 April 1925[11] 16 November 1927[11] Sunk as a target ship, 25 July 1946[11]
USS Ranger (CC-4) 23 June 1921[9] Cancelled 17 August 1923[9] and sold for scrap, 8 November 1923[14]
USS Constitution (CC-5) 25 September 1920[9] Cancelled 17 August 1923[9] and sold for scrap[15]
USS United States (CC-6) 25 September 1920[9] Cancelled 17 August 1923[9] and sold for scrap, 25 October 1923[16]
USS Alaska (CB-1) 9 × 12 in (305 mm)[26] 9 inches (229 mm)[26] 34,253 long tons
(34,803 t)[26] 4 screws, steam turbines
33 kn (61 km/h; 38 mph)[26] 17 December 1941[27] 15 August 1943[27] 17 June 1944[27] Sold for scrap, 30 June 1961[28]
USS Guam (CB-2) 2 February 1942[28] 12 November 1943[28] 17 September 1944[28] Sold for scrap, 24 May 1961[29]
USS Hawaii (CB-3) 20 December 1942[26] 3 November 1943[26] N/A Sold for scrap, 15 April 1959[29]
USS Philippines (CB-4) Cancelled 24 June 1943, before construction began[30]
USS Puerto Rico (CB-5)
USS Samoa (CB-6)

USS Maine (s)
USS Texas (s)
(BB-1) Indiana
(BB-2) Massachusetts
(BB-3) Oregon
(BB-4) Iowa
(BB-5) Kearsarge
(BB-6) Kentucky
(BB-7) Illinois
(BB-8) Alabama
(BB-9) Wisconsin
(BB-10) Maine
(BB-11) Missouri
(BB-12) Ohio
(BB-13) Virginia
(BB-14) Nebraska
(BB-15) Georgia
(BB-16) New Jersey
(BB-17) Rhode Island
(BB-18) Connecticut
(BB-19) Louisiana
(BB-20) Vermont
(BB-21) Kansas
(BB-22) Minnesota
(BB-23) Mississippi (s)
(BB-24) Idaho (s)
(BB-25) New Hampshire
(BB-26) South Carolina
(BB-27) Michigan
(BB-28) Delaware
(BB-29) North Dakota
(BB-30) Florida
(BB-31/AG-16) Utah
(BB-32/AG-17) Wyoming
(BB-33) Arkansas
(BB-34) New York
(BB-35) Texas
(BB-36) Nevada
(BB-37) Oklahoma
(BB-38) Pennsylvania
(BB-39) Arizona
(BB-40) New Mexico
(BB-41/AG-128) Mississippi
(BB-42) Idaho
(BB-43) Tennessee
(BB-44) California
(BB-45) Colorado
(BB-46) Maryland
(BB-47) Washington (n)
(BB-48) West Virginia
(BB-49) South Dakota (n)
(BB-50) Indiana (n)
(BB-51) Montana (n)
(BB-52) North Carolina (n)
(BB-53) Iowa (n)
(BB-54) Massachusetts (n)
(BB-55) North Carolina
(BB-56) Washington
(BB-57) South Dakota
(BB-58) Indiana
(BB-59) Massachusetts
(BB-60) Alabama
(BB-61) Iowa
(BB-62) New Jersey
(BB-63) Missouri
(BB-64) Wisconsin
(BB-65) Illinois (n)
(BB-66) Kentucky (n)
(BB-67) Montana (n)
(BB-68) Ohio (n)
(BB-69) Maine (n)
(BB-70) New Hampshire (n)
(BB-71) Louisiana (n)
Alaska (CB-1)
Albany (1899)
Albany (CL-23)
Albany (CA-123)
Albany (CG-10)
Amsterdam (CL-59)
Amsterdam (CL-101)
Antietam (CG-54)
Anzio (CG-68)
Arkansas (CGN-41)
Astoria (CA-34)
Astoria (CL-90)
Atlanta (1884)
Atlanta (CLAA-51)
Atlanta (CL-104)
Augusta (CL/CA-31)
Badger (1889)
Bainbridge (CGN-25)
Baltimore (C-3)
Baltimore (CA-68)
Belknap (CG-26)
Biddle (CG-34)
Biloxi (CL-80)
Birmingham (CL-2)
Birmingham (CL-62)
Boise (CL-47)
Boston (1884)
Boston (CA-69)
Boston (CAG-1)
Bremerton (CA-130)
Bridgeport (CA-127) *
Brooklyn (ACR-3)
Brooklyn (CA-3)
Brooklyn (CL-40)
Buffalo (1892)
Buffalo (CL-84) cancelled 1940
Buffalo (CL-99)
Buffalo (CL-110) *
Bunker Hill (CG-52)
California (ACR-6)
California (CGN-36)
Cambridge (CA-126) *
Canberra (CA-70/ CAG-2)
Cape St. George (CG-71)
Chancellorsville (CG-62)
Charleston (C-2)
Charleston (C-22)
Charleston (CA-19)
Charlotte (CA-12)
Chattanooga (C-16)
Chattanooga (CL-18)
Chattanooga (CL-118) *
Chester (CL-1)
Chester (CA-27)
Cheyenne (CL-117) *
Chicago (1885)
Chicago (CA/CL-14)
Chicago (CL/CA-29)
Chicago (CA-136)
Chicago (CG-11)
Chosin (CG-65)
Cincinnati (C-7)
Cincinnati (CL-6)
Cleveland (C-19)
Cleveland (CL-21)
Cleveland (CL-55)
Colorado (ACR-7)
Columbia (C-12)
Columbia (CA-16)
Columbia (CL-56)
Columbus (CA-74)
Columbus (CG-12)
Concord (CL-10)
Constellation (CC-2) *
Constitution (CC-5) *
Cowpens (CG-63)
Dale (CG-19)
Dallas (CA-140) *
Dallas (CA-150) *
Dayton (CL-78)
Dayton (CL-105)
Denver (C-14)
Denver (CL-16)
Denver (CL-58)
Des Moines (C-15)
Des Moines (CL-17)
Des Moines (CA-134)
Detroit (C-10)
Detroit (CL-8)
Dixie (1893)
Duluth (CL-87)
England (CG-22)
Fall River (CA-131)
Fargo (CL-85)
Fargo (CL-106)
Flint (CL-97)
Fox (CG-33)
Frankfurt (1915)
Frederick (CA-8)
Fresno (CL-121)
Galveston (C-17)
Galveston (CL-19)
Galveston (CL-93)
Galveston (CLG-3)
Gary (CL-147)
Gettysburg (CG-64)
Gridley (CG-21)
Guam (CB-2)
Halsey (CG-23)
Harry E. Yarnell (CG-17)
Harvard (1888)
Hawaii (CB-3) *
Helena (CL-50)
Helena (CA-75)
Helena (CL-113) *
Honolulu (CL-48)
Horne (CG-30)
Houston (CA-30)
Houston (CL-81)
Hue City (CG-66)
Huntington (CA-5)
Huntington (CL-77)
Huntington (CL-107)
Huron (CA-9)
Indianapolis (CA-35)
Josephus Daniels (CG-27)
Jouett (CG-29)
Juneau (CL-52)
Juneau (CL-119)
Kansas City (CA-128)
Lake Erie (CG-70)
Lake Champlain (CG-57)
Leahy (CG-16)
Lexington (CC-1)
Leyte Gulf (CG-55)
Little Rock (CG-4, ex CLG-4, ex-CL-92)
Long Beach (CGN-9)
Los Angeles (CA-135)
Louisville (CL/CA-28)
Macon (CA-132)
Maine (ACR-1)
Manchester (CL-83)
Marblehead (C-11)
Marblehead (CL-12)
Maryland (ACR-8)
Memphis (CA-10)
Memphis (CL-13)
Miami (CL-89)
Milwaukee (C-21)
Milwaukee (CL-5)
Minneapolis (C-13)
Minneapolis (CA-17)
Minneapolis (CA-36)
Mississippi (CGN-40)
Missoula (CA-13)
Mobile (CL-63)
Mobile Bay (CG-53)
Montana (ACR-13)
Monterey (CG-61)
Montgomery (C-9)
Montpelier (CL-57)
Nashville (CL-43)
Newark (C-1)
Newark (CL-88) cancelled 1940
Newark (CL-100)
Newark (CL-108) *
New Haven (CL-76)
New Haven (CL-109) *
New Orleans (1896)
New Orleans (CL-22)
New Orleans (CL/CA-32)
Newport News (CA-148)
New York (ACR-2)
Norfolk (CA-137)
Normandy (CG-60)
Northampton (CA-26)
Northampton (CA-125) *
Northampton (CLC-1)
North Carolina (ACR-12)
Oakland (CL-95)
Oklahoma City (CL-91)
Oklahoma City (CLG/CG-5)
Olympia (C-6)
Olympia (CA-15)
Olympia (CL-15)
Omaha (CL-4)
Oregon City (CA-122)
Panther (1889)
Pasadena (CL-65)
Pennsylvania (ACR-4)
Pensacola (CL/CA-24)
Philadelphia (C-4)
Philadelphia (CL-41)
Philippines (CB-4) *
Philippine Sea (CG-58)
Phoenix (CL-46)
Pittsburgh (CA-4)
Pittsburgh (CA-72)
Portland (CL/CA-33)
Port Royal (CG-73)
Portsmouth (CL-102)
Prairie (1890)
Princeton (CG-59)
Providence (CL-82)
Providence (CLG/CG-6)
Pueblo (CA-7)
Puerto Rico (CB-5) *
Quincy (CA-39)
Quincy (CA-71)
Raleigh (C-8)
Raleigh (CL-7)
Ranger (CC-4) *
Reeves (CG-24)
Reno (CL-96)
Richmond (CL-9)
Richmond K. Turner (CG-20)
Roanoke (CL-114) *
Roanoke (CL-145)
Rochester (CA-2)
Rochester (CA-124)
St. Louis (1894)
St. Louis (C-20)
St. Louis (CA-18)
St. Louis (CL-49)
St. Paul (1895)
St. Paul (CA-73)
Salem (CL-3)
Salem (CA-139)
Salt Lake City (CL/CA-25)
Samoa (CB-6) *
San Diego (CA-6)
San Diego (CL-53)
San Francisco (C-5)
San Francisco (CA-38)
San Jacinto (CG-56)
San Juan (CL-54)
Santa Fe (CL-60)
Saratoga (CC-3)
Savannah (CL-42)
Scranton (CA-138) *
Seattle (CA-11)
Shiloh (CG-67)
South Carolina (CGN-37)
South Dakota (ACR-9)
Spokane (CL-120)
Springfield (CL-66)
Springfield (CLG/CG-7)
(CG-31) Sterett
Tacoma (C-18)
Tacoma (CL-20)
Tallahassee (CL-61)
Tallahassee (CL-116) *
Tennessee (ACR-10)
Texas (CGN-39)
Thomas S. Gates (CG-51)
Ticonderoga (CG-47)
Toledo (CA-133)
Topeka (CL-67)
Topeka (CLG-8)
Trenton (CL-11)
Truxtun (CGN-35)
Tucson (CL-98)
Tulsa (CA-129)
Tuscaloosa (CA-37)
United States (CC-6) *
Vallejo (CL-112) *
Vallejo (CL-146) *
Valley Forge (CG-50)
Vella Gulf (CG-72)
Vesuvius (1888)
Vicksburg (CL-86)
Vicksburg (CG-69)
Vincennes (CA-44)
Vincennes (CL-64)
Vincennes (CG-49)
Virginia (CGN-38)
Washington (ACR-11)
West Virginia (ACR-5)
Wichita (CA-45)
Wilkes-Barre (CL-103)
William H. Standley (CG-32)
Wilmington (CL-79)
Wilmington (CL-111) *
Worcester (CL-144)
Worden (CG-18)
Yale (1889)
Yankee (1892)
Yorktown (CG-48)
Yosemite (1892)
Youngstown (CL-94)
(DD-132) Aaron Ward
(DD-483) Aaron Ward
(DD-773) Aaron Ward (also DM-34)
(DD-184) Abbot
(DD-629) Abbot
(DD-193) Abel P. Upshur
(DD-526) Abner Read
(DD-739) Adams
(DD-826) Agerholm
(DD-961) Akizuki (for Japan)
(DD-649) Albert W. Grant
(DD-211) Alden
(DD-752) Alfred A. Cunningham
(DD-66) Allen
(DD-692) Allen M. Sumner
(DD-35) Ammen
(DD-527) Ammen
(DD-411) Anderson
(DD-172) Anthony
(DD-515) Anthony
(DDG-51) Arleigh Burke
(DD-869) Arnold J. Isbell
(DD-968) Arthur W. Radford
(DD-258) Aulick
(DD-569) Aulick
(DD-698) Ault
(DD-355) Aylwin
(DD-47) Aylwin
(DD-128) Babbitt
(DD-470) Bache
(DD-126) Badger
(DD-185) Bagley
(DD-386) Bagley
(DD-269) Bailey
(DD-492) Bailey
(DD-1) Bainbridge
(DD-246) Bainbridge
(DDG-96) Bainbridge
(DLGN-25) Bainbridge
(DD-363) Balch
(DD-50) Balch
(DD-624) Baldwin
(DD-267) Ballard
(DD-256) Bancroft
(DD-598) Bancroft
(DD-213) Barker
(DD-149) Barney
(DD-956) Barney became DDG-6
(DDG-6) Barney
(DD-2) Barry
(DD-248) Barry
(DD-933) Barry
(DDG-52) Barry
(DD-599) Barton
(DD-722) Barton
(DD-824) Basilone
(DD-845) Bausell
(DD-40) Beale
(DD-471) Beale
(DD-654) Bearss
(DD-640) Beatty
(DD-756) Beatty
(DD-251) Belknap
(DLG-26) Belknap
(DD-587) Bell
(DD-95) Bell
(DDG-65) Benfold
(DD-397) Benham
(DD-49) Benham
(DD-796) Benham
(DDG-22) Benjamin Stoddert
(DD-807) Benner
(DD-473) Bennett
(DD-662) Bennion
(DD-421) Benson
(DDG-15) Berkeley
(DD-153) Bernadou
(DD-151) Biddle
(DD-955) Biddle became DDG-5
(DLG-34) Biddle
(DDG-5) Biddle/Claude V. Rickets
(DD-942) Bigelow
(DD-293) Billingsley
(DD-666) Black
(DD-150) Blakeley
(DD-943) Blandy
(DD-387) Blue
(DD-744) Blue
(DD-136) Boggs
(DD-881) Bordelon
(DD-215) Borie
(DD-704) Borie
(DD-544) Boyd
(DD-600) Boyle
(DD-545) Bradford
(DD-630) Braine
(DD-197) Branch
(DD-283) Breck
(DD-148) Breckinridge
(DD-122) Breese
(DD-887) Brinkley Bass
(DD-977) Briscoe
(DD-453) Bristol
(DD-857) Bristol
(DD-232) Brooks
(DD-210) Broome
(DD-546) Brown
(DD-518) Brownson
(DD-868) Brownson
(DD-329) Bruce
(DD-745) Brush
(DD-665) Bryant
(DD-131) Buchanan
(DD-484) Buchanan
(DDG-14) Buchanan
(DD-420) Buck
(DD-761) Buck
(DDG-84) Bulkeley
(DD-660) Bullard
(DD-222) Bulmer
(DD-171) Burns
(DD-588) Burns
(DD-29) Burrows
(DD-166) Bush
(DD-529) Bush
(DD-636) Butler
(DD-605) Caldwell
(DD-69) Caldwell
(DLGN-36) California
(DD-792) Callaghan
(DDG-994) Callaghan
(DD-650) Caperton
(DD-550) Capps
(DD-493) Carmick
(DDG-64) Carney
(DD-970) Caron
(DD-825) Carpenter
(DD-285) Case
(DD-370) Case
(DD-372) Cassin
(DD-43) Cassin
(DD-793) Cassin Young
(DDG-90) Chafee
(DD-104) Champlin
(DD-601) Champlin
(DD-206) Chandler
(DDG-996) Chandler
(DD-294) Charles Ausburn
(DD-570) Charles Ausburne
(DD-952) Charles F. Adams became DDG-2
(DDG-2) Charles F. Adams
(DD-428) Charles F. Hughes
(DD-853) Charles H. Roan
(DD-657) Charles J. Badger
(DD-835) Charles P. Cecil
(DD-865) Charles R. Ware
(DD-697) Charles S. Sperry
(DD-581) Charrette
(DD-323) Chase
(DD-296) Chauncey
(DD-3) Chauncey
(DD-667) Chauncey
(DD-451) Chevalier
(DD-805) Chevalier
(DD-106) Chew
(DD-241) Childs
(DDG-93) Chung-Hoon
(DD-668) Clarence K. Bronson
(DD-361) Clark
(DD-140) Claxton
(DD-571) Claxton
(DD-186) Clemson
(DDG-21) Cochrane
(DD-326) Coghlan
(DD-606) Coghlan
(DD-651) Cogswell
(DD-658) Colahan
(DD-155) Cole
(DDG-67) Cole
(DD-801) Colhoun
(DD-85) Colhoun
(DD-730) Collett
(DD-705) Compton
(DD-974) Comte de Grasse
(DD-866) Cone
(DD-582) Conner
(DD-72) Conner
(DD-979) Conolly
(DD-291) Converse
(DD-509) Converse
(DD-507) Conway
(DD-508) Cony
(DD-371) Conyngham
(DD-58) Conyngham
(DDG-17) Conyngham
(DDG-40) Coontz
(DL-9) Coontz
(DD-695) Cooper
(DD-334) Corry
(DD-463) Corry
(DD-817) Corry
(DD-669) Cotten
(DD-167) Cowell
(DD-547) Cowell
(DD-632) Cowie
(DD-109) Crane
(DD-382) Craven
(DD-70) Craven
(DD-164) Crosby
(DD-134) Crowninshield
(DD-365) Cummings
(DD-44) Cummings
(DDG-54) Curtis Wilbur
(DD-376) Cushing
(DD-55) Cushing
(DD-797) Cushing
(DD-985) Cushing
(DD-187) Dahlgren
(DDG-43) Dahlgren
(DL-12) Dahlgren
(DD-290) Dale
(DD-353) Dale
(DD-4) Dale
(DLG-19) Dale
(DD-199) Dallas
(DD-519) Daly
(DD-871) Damato
(DD-659) Dashiell
(DD-971) David R. Ray
(DD-551) David W. Taylor
(DD-395) Davis
(DD-65) Davis
(DD-937) Davis
(DD-618) Davison
(DD-469) De Haven
(DD-727) De Haven
(DD-341) Decatur
(DD-5) Decatur
(DD-936) Decatur
(DDG-31) Decatur
(DDG-73) Decatur
(DD-129) DeLong
(DD-261) Delphy
(DD-808) Dennis J. Buckley
(DD-116) Dent
(DD-349) Dewey
(DDG-105) Dewey
(DDG-45) Dewey
(DL-14) Dewey
(DD-989) Deyo
(DD-157) Dickerson
(DDG-75) Donald Cook
(DD-634) Doran
(DD-117) Dorsey
(DD-670) Dortch
(DD-779) Douglas H. Fox
(DD-375) Downes
(DD-45) Downes
(DD-280) Doyen
(DD-494) Doyle
(DD-23) Drayton
(DD-366) Drayton
(DD-741) Drexler
(DD-152) Du Pont
(DD-941) Du Pont
(DD-46) Duncan
(DD-485) Duncan
(DD-874) Duncan
(DD-384) Dunlap
(DD-84) Dyer
(DD-880) Dyess
(DD-572) Dyson
(DD-635) Earle
(DD-510) Eaton
(DD-430) Eberle
(DD-439) Edison
(DD-219) Edsall
(DD-946) Edson
(DD-265) Edwards
(DD-619) Edwards
(DD-398) Ellet
(DD-146) Elliot
(DD-967) Elliot
(DD-154) Ellis
(DD-454) Ellyson
(DD-457) Emmons
(DD-495) Endicott
(DLG-22) England
(DD-696) English
(DD-719) Epperson
(DD-631) Erben
(DD-440) Ericsson
(DD-56) Ericsson
(DD-838) Ernest G. Small
(DD-711) Eugene A. Greene
(DD-552) Evans
(DD-78) Evans
(DD-830) Everett F. Larson
(DD-789) Eversole
(DD-93) Fairfax
(DD-37) Fanning
(DD-385) Fanning
(DD-332) Farenholt
(DD-491) Farenholt
(DD-304) Farquhar
(DD-300) Farragut
(DD-348) Farragut
(DDG-37) Farragut
(DDG-99) Farragut
(DL-6) Farragut
(DD-870) Fechteler
(DD-991) Fife
(DD-842) Fiske
(DD-462) Fitch
(DDG-62) Fitzgerald
(DD-445) Fletcher
(DD-992) Fletcher
(DD-884) Floyd B. Parks
(DD-20) Flusser
(DD-289) Flusser
(DD-368) Flusser
(DD-169) Foote
(DD-511) Foote
(DD-228) Ford
(DD-461) Forrest
(DD-872) Forrest Royal
(DD-931) Forrest Sherman
(DDG-98) Forrest Sherman
(DD-234) Fox
(DLG-33) Fox
(DD-754) Frank E. Evans
(DD-742) Frank Knox
(DD-497) Frankford
(DD-554) Franks
(DD-607) Frazier
(DD-858) Fred T. Berry
(DD-474) Fullam
(DD-297) Fuller
(DD-882) Furse
(DD-706) Gainard
(DD-123) Gamble
(DD-608) Gansevoort
(DD-671) Gatling
(DD-710) Gearing
(DD-196) George E. Badger
(DD-836) George K. MacKenzie
(DD-637) Gherardi
(DD-609) Gillespie
(DD-260) Gillis
(DD-233) Gilmer
(DD-423) Gleaves
(DD-620) Glennon
(DD-840) Glennon
(DD-247) Goff
(DD-188) Goldsborough
(DDG-20) Goldsborough
(DDG-66) Gonzalez
(DD-831) Goodrich
(DD-192) Graham
(DDG-107) Gravely
(DD-435) Grayson
(DD-266) Greene
(DD-145) Greer
(DD-802) Gregory
(DD-82) Gregory
(DD-380) Gridley
(DD-92) Gridley
(DDG-101) Gridley
(DLG-21) Gridley
(DD-472) Guest
(DD-783) Gurke
(DD-433) Gwin
(DD-71) Gwin
(DD-772) Gwin
(DD-712) Gyatt
(DDG-1) Gyatt
(DD-555) Haggard
(DD-556) Hailey
(DD-133) Hale
(DD-642) Hale
(DD-480) Halford
(DD-583) Hall
(DD-584) Halligan
(DDG-97) Halsey
(DLG-23) Halsey
(DD-686) Halsey Powell
(DD-455) Hambleton
(DD-141) Hamilton
(DD-412) Hammann
(DD-718) Hamner
(DD-702) Hank
(DD-832) Hanson
(DD-183) Haraden
(DD-585) Haraden
(DD-625) Harding
(DD-91) Harding
(DD-708) Harlan R. Dickson
(DD-864) Harold J. Ellison
(DD-573) Harrison
(DD-748) Harry E. Hubbard
(DLG-17) Harry E. Yarnell
(DD-738) Harry F. Bauer
(DD-986) Harry W. Hill
(DD-110) Hart
(DD-594) Hart
(DD-861) Harwood
(DD-231) Hatfield
(DD-873) Hawkins
(DD-997) Hayler
(DD-700) Haynsworth
(DD-107) Hazelwood
(DD-531) Hazelwood
(DD-672) Healy
(DD-532) Heermann
(DD-388) Helm
(DD-785) Henderson
(DD-39) Henley
(DD-391) Henley
(DD-762) Henley
(DD-749) Henry A. Wiley
(DD-957) Henry B. Wilson became DDG-7
(DDG-7) Henry B. Wilson
(DD-875) Henry W. Tucker
(DD-278) Henshaw
(DD-160) Herbert
(DD-833) Herbert J. Thomas
(DD-198) Herndon
(DD-638) Herndon
(DD-966) Hewitt
(DD-663) Heywood L. Edwards
(DD-673) Hickox
(DD-806) Higbee
(DDG-76) Higgins
(DD-427) Hilary P. Jones
(DD-610) Hobby
(DD-464) Hobson
(DD-533) Hoel
(DDG-13) Hoel
(DD-178) Hogan
(DD-819) Holder
(DD-788) Hollister
(DD-181) Hopewell
(DD-681) Hopewell
(DD-249) Hopkins
(DD-6) Hopkins
(DDG-70) Hopper
(DLG-30) Horne
(DD-208) Hovey
(DD-179) Howard
(DDG-83) Howard
(DD-592) Howorth
(DD-475) Hudson
(DD-709) Hugh Purvis
(DD-774) Hugh W. Hadley
(DD-410) Hughes
(DD-342) Hulbert
(DD-330) Hull
(DD-350) Hull
(DD-7) Hull
(DD-945) Hull
(DD-236) Humphreys
(DD-194) Hunt
(DD-674) Hunt
(DD-476) Hutchins
(DD-732) Hyman
(DD-652) Ingersoll
(DD-990) Ingersoll
(DD-111) Ingraham
(DD-444) Ingraham
(DD-694) Ingraham
(DD-794) Irwin
(DD-284) Isherwood
(DD-520) Isherwood
(DD-98) Israel
(DD-589) Izard
(DD-156) J. Fred Talbott
(DD-751) J. William Ditter
(DD-130) Jacob Jones
(DD-61) Jacob Jones
(DD-776) James C. Owens
(DD-787) James E. Kyes
(DDG-95) James E. Williams
(DD-238) James K. Paulding
(DD-38) Jarvis
(DD-393) Jarvis
(DD-799) Jarvis
(DD-621) Jeffers
(DD-42) Jenkins
(DD-447) Jenkins
(DD-755) John A. Bole
(DD-216) John D. Edwards
(DD-553) John D. Henley
(DD-299) John Francis Burnes
(DD-981) John Hancock
(DD-655) John Hood
(DD-953) John King became DDG-3
(DDG-3) John King
(DD-932) John Paul Jones
(DDG-32) John Paul Jones
(DDG-53) John Paul Jones
(DD-885) John R. Craig
(DD-753) John R. Pierce
(DD-574) John Rodgers
(DD-983) John Rodgers
(DD-928) John S. McCain
(DDG-36) John S. McCain
(DDG-56) John S. McCain
(DL-3) John S. McCain
(DD-760) John W. Thomason
(DD-701) John W. Weeks
(DD-973) John Young
(DD-557) Johnston
(DD-821) Johnston
(DD-938) Jonas Ingram
(DD-850) Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
(DDG-16) Joseph Strauss
(DLG-27) Josephus Daniels
(DD-396) Jouett
(DD-41) Jouett
(DLG-29) Jouett
(DD-170) Kalk
(DD-611) Kalk
(DD-235) Kane
(DD-432) Kearny
(DD-612) Kendrick
(DD-306) Kennedy
(DD-713) Kenneth D. Bailey
(DD-138) Kennison
(DD-765) Keppler
(DD-661) Kidd
(DDG-100) Kidd
(DDG-993) Kidd
(DD-319) Kidder
(DD-593) Killen
(DD-137) Kilty
(DD-521) Kimberly
(DD-80) Kimberly
(DD-242) King
(DDG-41) King
(DL-10) King
(DD-965) Kinkaid
(DD-653) Knapp
(DD-633) Knight
(DD-315) La Vallette
(DD-448) La Vallette
(DDG-58) Laboon
(DD-459) Laffey
(DD-724) Laffey
(DD-119) Lamberton
(DD-18) Lamson
(DD-328) Lamson
(DD-367) Lamson
(DD-399) Lang
(DD-101) Lansdale
(DD-426) Lansdale
(DD-766) Lansdale
(DD-486) Lansdowne
(DD-286) Lardner
(DD-487) Lardner
(DDG-82) Lassen
(DD-263) Laub
(DD-613) Laub
(DD-250) Lawrence
(DD-8) Lawrence
(DD-954) Lawrence became DDG-4
(DDG-4) Lawrence
(DD-558) Laws
(DD-118) Lea
(DLG-16) Leahy
(DD-158) Leary
(DD-879) Leary
(DD-984) Leftwich
(DD-852) Leonard F. Mason
(DD-481) Leutze
(DD-675) Lewis Hancock
(DD-771) Lindsey
(DD-336) Litchfield
(DD-79) Little
(DD-803) Little
(DD-429) Livermore
(DD-764) Lloyd Thomas
(DD-759) Lofberg
(DD-209) Long
(DD-559) Longshaw
(DD-770) Lowry
(DD-522) Luce
(DD-99) Luce
(DDG-38) Luce
(DL-7) Luce
(DD-112) Ludlow
(DD-438) Ludlow
(DD-729) Lyman K. Swenson
(DD-958) Lynde McCormick became DDG-8
(DDG-8) Lynde McCormick
(DD-331) Macdonough
(DD-351) Macdonough
(DD-9) Macdonough
(DDG-39) Macdonough
(DL-8) Macdonough
(DD-175) MacKenzie
(DD-614) MacKenzie
(DD-220) MacLeish
(DD-458) Macomb
(DD-168) Maddox
(DD-622) Maddox
(DD-731) Maddox
(DD-425) Madison
(DD-102) Mahan
(DD-364) Mahan
(DDG-42) Mahan
(DDG-72) Mahan
(DL-11) Mahan
(DD-74) Manley
(DD-940) Manley
(DD-733) Mannert L. Abele
(DD-728) Mansfield
(DD-321) Marcus
(DD-676) Marshall
(DD-191) Mason
(DDG-87) Mason
(DD-778) Massey
(DD-100) Maury
(DD-401) Maury
(DD-422) Mayo
(DD-31) Mayrant
(DD-402) Mayrant
(DD-860) McCaffery
(DD-28) McCall
(DD-400) McCall
(DD-253) McCalla
(DD-488) McCalla
(DDG-85) McCampbell
(DD-276) McCawley
(DD-252) McCook
(DD-496) McCook
(DD-534) McCord
(DD-223) McCormick
(DD-262) McDermut
(DD-677) McDermut
(DD-358) McDougal
(DD-54) McDougal
(DD-237) McFarland
(DDG-74) McFaul
(DD-678) McGowan
(DD-784) McKean
(DD-90) McKean
(DD-575) McKee
(DD-87) McKee
(DD-264) McLanahan
(DD-615) McLanahan
(DD-679) McNair
(DD-274) Meade
(DD-602) Meade
(DD-335) Melvin
(DD-680) Melvin
(DD-165) Meredith
(DD-434) Meredith
(DD-726) Meredith
(DD-890) Meredith
(DD-976) Merrill
(DD-691) Mertz
(DD-322) Mervine
(DD-489) Mervine
(DD-595) Metcalf
(DD-279) Meyer
(DDG-1001) Michael Monsoor
(DDG-69) Milius
(DD-535) Miller
(DLGN-40) Mississippi
(DD-927) Mitscher
(DDG-35) Mitscher
(DDG-57) Mitscher
(DL-2) Mitscher
(DD-693) Moale
(DD-362) Moffett
(DDG-92) Momsen
(DD-32) Monaghan
(DD-354) Monaghan
(DD-436) Monssen
(DD-798) Monssen
(DD-121) Montgomery
(DD-277) Moody
(DD-980) Moosbrugger
(DD-271) Morris
(DD-417) Morris
(DD-560) Morrison
(DD-948) Morton
(DD-105) Mugford
(DD-389) Mugford
(DD-325) Mullany
(DD-528) Mullany
(DD-944) Mullinnix
(DD-603) Murphy
(DD-576) Murray
(DD-97) Murray
(DD-413) Mustin
(DDG-89) Mustin
(DD-829) Myles C. Fox
(DD-623) Nelson
(DD-818) New
(DD-586) Newcomb
(DD-883) Newman K. Perry
(DD-424) Niblack
(DD-311) Nicholas
(DD-449) Nicholas
(DD-442) Nicholson
(DD-52) Nicholson
(DD-982) Nicholson
(DD-616) Nields
(DDG-94) Nitze
(DD-343) Noa
(DD-841) Noa
(DL-1) Norfolk
(DD-690) Norman Scott
(DD-859) Norris
(DD-177) O'Bannon
(DD-450) O'Bannon
(DD-987) O'Bannon
(DD-415) O'Brien
(DD-51) O'Brien
(DD-725) O'Brien
(DD-975) O'Brien
(DD-889) O'Hare
(DDG-77) O'Kane
(DD-972) Oldendorf
(DD-617) Ordronaux
(DD-886) Orleck
(DD-295) Osborne
(DDG-79) Oscar Austin
(DD-255) Osmond Ingram
(DD-239) Overton
(DD-536) Owen
(DD-846) Ozbourn
(DD-161) Palmer
(DD-48) Parker
(DD-604) Parker
(DD-218) Parrott
(DD-949) Parsons
(DDG-33) Parsons
(DD-36) Patterson
(DD-392) Patterson
(DD-964) Paul F. Foster
(DD-307) Paul Hamilton
(DD-590) Paul Hamilton
(DDG-60) Paul Hamilton
(DD-10) Paul Jones
(DD-230) Paul Jones
(DD-22) Paulding
(DD-226) Peary
(DD-298) Percival
(DD-26) Perkins
(DD-377) Perkins
(DD-877) Perkins
(DD-11) Perry
(DD-340) Perry
(DD-844) Perry
(DD-969) Peterson
(DD-360) Phelps
(DD-498) Philip
(DD-76) Philip
(DD-685) Picking
(DD-227) Pillsbury
(DDG-91) Pinckney
(DD-431) Plunkett
(DD-225) Pope
(DD-356) Porter
(DD-59) Porter
(DD-800) Porter
(DDG-78) Porter
(DD-682) Porterfield
(DD-839) Power
(DD-12) Preble
(DD-345) Preble
(DDG-46) Preble
(DDG-88) Preble
(DL-15) Preble
(DD-19) Preston
(DD-327) Preston
(DD-379) Preston
(DD-795) Preston
(DD-561) Prichett
(DD-477) Pringle
(DD-347) Pruitt
(DD-734) Purdy
(DD-287) Putnam
(DD-757) Putnam
(DD-490) Quick
(DD-120) Radford
(DD-446) Radford
(DD-390) Ralph Talbot
(DDG-61) Ramage
(DD-124) Ramsay
(DD-113) Rathburne
(DLG-24) Reeves
(DD-21) Reid
(DD-292) Reid
(DD-369) Reid
(DD-688) Remey
(DD-303) Reno
(DD-176) Renshaw
(DD-499) Renshaw
(DD-245) Reuben James
(DD-404) Rhind
(DD-820) Rich
(DD-786) Richard B. Anderson
(DDG-23) Richard E. Byrd
(DD-849) Richard E. Kraus
(DD-664) Richard P. Leary
(DD-950) Richard S. Edwards
(DLG-20) Richmond K. Turner
(DD-500) Ringgold
(DD-89) Ringgold
(DD-174) Rizal
(DD-827) Robert A. Owens
(DD-822) Robert H. McCard
(DD-735) Robert H. Smith
(DD-781) Robert K. Huntington
(DD-847) Robert L. Wilson
(DD-324) Robert Smith
(DD-562) Robinson
(DD-88) Robinson
(DDG-12) Robison
(DD-254) Rodgers
(DD-456) Rodman
(DD-24) Roe
(DD-418) Roe
(DD-876) Rogers
(DD-804) Rooks
(DDG-80) Roosevelt
(DD-147) Roper
(DD-563) Ross
(DDG-71) Ross
(DD-405) Rowan
(DD-64) Rowan
(DD-782) Rowan
(DD-564) Rowe
(DD-851) Rupertus
(DD-414) Russell
(DDG-59) Russell
(DD-310) S. P. Lee
(DD-394) Sampson
(DD-63) Sampson
(DDG-10) Sampson
(DDG-102) Sampson
(DD-823) Samuel B. Roberts
(DD-747) Samuel N. Moore
(DD-243) Sands
(DD-837) Sarsfield
(DD-190) Satterlee
(DD-626) Satterlee
(DD-465) Saufley
(DD-159) Schenck
(DD-103) Schley
(DD-501) Schroeder
(DDG-995) Scott
(DD-791) Seaman
(DD-320) Selfridge
(DD-357) Selfridge
(DDG-11) Sellers
(DD-189) Semmes
(DDG-18) Semmes
(DD-767) Seymour D. Owens
(DD-962) Shah Jehan (for Pakistan)
(DD-737) Shannon
(DD-281) Sharkey
(DD-373) Shaw
(DD-68) Shaw
(DD-750) Shea
(DD-790) Shelton
(DD-596) Shields
(DD-318) Shirk
(DDG-86) Shoup
(DD-268) Shubrick
(DD-639) Shubrick
(DD-346) Sicard
(DD-643) Sigourney
(DD-81) Sigourney
(DD-502) Sigsbee
(DD-221) Simpson
(DD-409) Sims
(DD-275) Sinclair
(DD-316) Sloat
(DD-565) Smalley
(DD-17) Smith
(DD-378) Smith
(DD-212) Smith Thompson
(DD-707) Soley
(DD-301) Somers
(DD-381) Somers
(DD-947) Somers
(DDG-34) Somers
(DLGN-37) South Carolina
(DD-207) Southard
(DD-743) Southerland
(DD-512) Spence
(DD-173) Sproston
(DD-577) Sproston
(DD-963) Spruance
(DD-406) Stack
(DD-478) Stanly
(DD-180) Stansbury
(DD-863) Steinaker
(DD-644) Stembel
(DD-538) Stephen Potter
(DD-27) Sterett
(DD-407) Sterett
(DDG-104) Sterett
(DLG-31) Sterett
(DDG-63) Stethem
(DD-479) Stevens
(DD-86) Stevens
(DD-645) Stevenson
(DD-13) Stewart
(DD-224) Stewart
(DD-888) Stickell
(DDG-106) Stockdale
(DD-683) Stockham
(DD-646) Stockton
(DD-73) Stockton
(DD-566) Stoddard
(DD-302) Stoddert
(DD-780) Stormes
(DDG-55) Stout
(DD-867) Stribling
(DD-96) Stribling
(DD-83) Stringham
(DD-467) Strong
(DD-758) Strong
(DD-978) Stump
(DD-240) Sturtevant
(DD-333) Sumner
(DD-443) Swanson
(DD-273) Swasey
(DD-114) Talbot
(DD-142) Tarbell
(DD-125) Tattnall
(DDG-19) Tattnall
(DD-746) Taussig
(DD-468) Taylor
(DD-94) Taylor
(DD-25) Terry
(DD-513) Terry
(DD-960) Teruzuki (for Japan)
(DLGN-39) Texas
(DD-162) Thatcher
(DD-514) Thatcher
(DD-537) The Sullivans
(DDG-68) The Sullivans
(DD-717) Theodore E. Chandler
(DD-182) Thomas
(DD-736) Thomas E. Fraser
(DD-305) Thompson
(DD-627) Thompson
(DD-647) Thorn
(DD-988) Thorn
(DD-270) Thornton
(DD-135) Tillman
(DD-641) Tillman
(DD-828) Timmerman
(DD-272) Tingey
(DD-539) Tingey
(DD-740) Tolman
(DD-282) Toucey
(DD-959) Towers became DDG-9
(DDG-9) Towers
(DD-214) Tracy
(DD-530) Trathen
(DD-339) Trever
(DD-33) Trippe
(DD-403) Trippe
(DD-14) Truxtun
(DD-229) Truxtun
(DDG-103) Truxtun
(DLGN-35) Truxtun
(DD-374) Tucker
(DD-57) Tucker
(DD-259) Turner
(DD-648) Turner
(DD-834) Turner
(DD-951) Turner Joy
(DD-127) Twiggs
(DD-591) Twiggs
(DD-540) Twining
(DD-687) Uhlmann
(DD-144) Upshur
(DD-656) Van Valkenburgh
(DD-878) Vesole
(DLGN-38) Virginia
(DD-862) Vogelgesang
(DDG-24) Waddell
(DD-689) Wadleigh
(DD-516) Wadsworth
(DD-60) Wadsworth
(DD-419) Wainwright
(DD-62) Wainwright
(DLG-28) Wainwright
(DD-699) Waldron
(DD-34) Walke
(DD-416) Walke
(DD-723) Walke
(DD-163) Walker
(DD-517) Walker
(DD-703) Wallace L. Lind
(DD-466) Waller
(DD-139) Ward
(DD-30) Warrington
(DD-383) Warrington
(DD-843) Warrington
(DD-338) Wasmuth
(DD-115) Waters
(DD-567) Watts
(DDG-108) Wayne E. Meyer
(DD-684) Wedderburn
(DD-195) Welborn C. Wood
(DD-257) Welles
(DD-628) Welles
(DD-15) Whipple
(DD-217) Whipple
(DD-578) Wickes
(DD-75) Wickes
(DD-597) Wiley
(DD-441) Wilkes
(DD-67) Wilkes
(DD-930) Wilkinson
(DL-5) Wilkinson
(DD-775) Willard Keith
(DD-344) William B. Preston
(DD-763) William C. Lawe
(DD-579) William D. Porter
(DLG-32) William H. Standley
(DD-308) William Jones
(DD-715) William M. Wood
(DD-714) William R. Rush
(DDG-44) William V. Pratt
(DL-13) William V. Pratt
(DD-108) Williams
(DD-244) Williamson
(DD-929) Willis A. Lee
(DL-4) Willis A. Lee
(DD-408) Wilson
(DD-716) Wiltsie
(DD-359) Winslow
(DD-53) Winslow
(DDG-81) Winston Churchill
(DD-848) Witek
(DD-317) Wood
(DD-309) Woodbury
(DD-460) Woodworth
(DD-437) Woolsey
(DD-77) Woolsey
(DD-16) Worden
(DD-288) Worden
(DD-352) Worden
(DLG-18) Worden
(DD-568) Wren
(DD-314) Yarborough
(DD-143) Yarnall
(DD-541) Yarnall
(DD-312) Young
(DD-580) Young
(DD-337) Zane
(DD-313) Zeilin
(DD-777) Zellars
(DDG-1000) Zumwalt

Hull number DDG-25 used for HMAS Perth
Hull number DDG-26 used for HMAS Hobart
Hull number DDG-27 used for HMAS Brisbane
Hull number DDG-28 used for D185 Lütjens
Hull number DDG-29 used for D186 Mölders
Hull number DDG-30 used for D187 Rommel
((B)DE-1) Bayntun
((B)DE-2) Bazely
((B)DE-3) Berry
((B)DE-4) Blackwood
(DE-5) Evarts
(DE-6) Wyffels
(DE-7) Griswold
(DE-8) Steele
(DE-9) Carlson
(DE-10) Bebas
(DE-11) Crouter
((B)DE-12) Burges
(DE-13) Brennan
(DE-14) Doherty
(DE-15) Austin
(DE-16) Edgar G. Chase
(DE-17) Edward C. Daly
(DE-18) Gilmore
(DE-19) Burden R. Hastings
(DE-20) LeHardy
(DE-21) Harold C. Thomas
(DE-22) Wileman
(DE-23) Charles R. Greer
(DE-24) Whitman
(DE-25) Wintle
(DE-26) Dempsey
(DE-27) Duffy
(DE-28) Emery
(DE-29) Stadtfeld
(DE-30) Martin
(DE-31) Sederstrom
(DE-32) Fleming
(DE-33) Tisdale
(DE-34) Eisele
(DE-35) Fair
(DE-36) Manlove
(DE-37) Greiner
(DE-38) Wyman
(DE-39) Lovering
(DE-40) Sanders
(DE-41) Brackett
(DE-42) Reynolds
(DE-43) Mitchell
(DE-44) Donaldson
(DE-45) Andres
((B)DE-46) Drury
(DE-47) Decker
(DE-48) Dobler
(DE-49) Doneff
(DE-50) Engstrom
(DE-51) Buckley
(DE-52) Bull

(DE-53) Charles Lawrence
(DE-54) Daniel T. Griffin
(DE-55) Donaldson- HMS Byard (K315)
(DE-56) Donnell
(DE-57) Fogg
(DE-58) Formore
(DE-59) Foss
(DE-60) Gantner
(DE-61) Thomas J. Gary
(DE-62) George W. Ingram
(DE-63) Ira Jeffery
(DE-64) Lamons
(DE-65) Lee Fox
(DE-66) Amesbury
(DE-67) Essington
(DE-68) Bates
(DE-69) Blessman
(DE-70) Joseph E. Campbell
(DE-71) Oswald
(DE-72) Harmon
(DE-73) McAnn - to Royal Navy as HMS Balfour (K464)
(DE-74) Ebert - to Royal Navy as HMS Bentley (K465)
(DE-75) Eisele - to Royal Navy as HMS Bickerton (K466)
(DE-76) Liddle - to Royal Navy as HMS Bligh (K467)
(DE-77) Straub - to Royal Navy as HMS Braithwaite (K468)
(DE-78) Bullen - to Royal Navy as HMS Bullen (K469)
(DE-79) Byron - to Royal Navy as HMS Byron (K508)
(DE-80) Conn
(DE-81) Cotton
(DE-82) Cranstoun
(DE-83) Cubitt
(DE-84) Curzon
(DE-85) Dakins
(DE-86) Deane
(DE-87) Ekins
(DE-88) Fitzroy
(DE-89) Redmill
(DE-90) Retalick
(DE-91) Halstead
(DE-92) Riou
(DE-93) Rutherford
(DE-94) Cosby
(DE-95) Rowley
(DE-96) Rupert
(DE-97) Stockham
(DE-98) Seymour
(DE-99) Cannon
(DE-100) Christopher
(DE-101) Alger
(DE-102) Thomas
(DE-103) Bostwick
(DE-104) Breeman
(DE-105) Burrows
(DE-106) Corbesier
(DE-107) Cronin
(DE-108) Crosley
(DE-109) Marocain
(DE-110) Hova
(DE-111) Somali
(DE-112) Carter
(DE-113) Clarence L. Evans
DE-114 to DE-128 never laid down
(DE-129) Edsall
(DE-130) Jacob Jones
(DE-131) Hammann
(DE-132) Robert E. Peary
(DE-133) Pillsbury
(DE-134) Pope
(DE-135) Flaherty
(DE-136) Frederick C. Davis
(DE-137) Herbert C. Jones
(DE-138) Douglas L. Howard
(DE-139) Farquhar
(DE-140) J. R. Y. Blakely
(DE-141) Hill
(DE-142) Fessenden
(DE-143) Fiske
(DE-144) Frost
(DE-145) Huse
(DE-146) Inch
(DE-147) Blair
(DE-148) Brough
(DE-149) Chatelain
(DE-150) Neunzer
(DE-151) Poole
(DE-152) Peterson
(DE-153) Reuben James
(DE-154) Sims
(DE-155) Hopping
(DE-156) Reeves
(DE-157) Fechteler
(DE-158) Chase
(DE-159) Laning
(DE-160) Loy
(DE-161) Barber
(DE-162) Levy
(DE-163) McConnell
(DE-164) Osterhaus
(DE-165) Parks
(DE-166) Baron
(DE-167) Acree
(DE-168) Amick
(DE-169) Atherton
(DE-170) Booth
(DE-171) Carroll
(DE-172) Cooner
(DE-173) Eldridge
(DE-174) Marts
(DE-175) Pennewill
(DE-176) Micka
(DE-177) Reybold
(DE-178) Herzog
(DE-179) McAnn
(DE-180) Trumpeter
(DE-181) Straub
(DE-182) Gustafson
(DE-183) Samuel S. Miles
(DE-184) Wesson
(DE-185) Riddle
(DE-186) Swearer
(DE-187) Stern
(DE-188) O'Neill
(DE-189) Bronstein
(DE-190) Baker
(DE-191) Coffman
(DE-192) Eisner
(DE-193) Garfield Thomas
(DE-194) Wingfield
(DE-195) Thornhill
(DE-196) Rinehart
(DE-197) Roche
(DE-198) Lovelace
(DE-199) Manning
(DE-200) Neuendorf
(DE-201) James E. Craig
(DE-202) Eichenberger
(DE-203) Thomason
(DE-204) Jordan
(DE-205) Newman
(DE-206) Liddle
(DE-207) Kephart
(DE-208) Cofer
(DE-209) Lloyd
(DE-210) Otter
(DE-211) Hubbard
(DE-212) Hayter
(DE-213) William T. Powell
(DE-214) Scott
(DE-215) Burke
(DE-216) Enright
(DE-217) Coolbaugh
(DE-218) Darby
(DE-219) J. Douglas Blackwood
(DE-220) Francis M. Robinson
(DE-221) Solar
(DE-222) Fowler
(DE-223) Spangenberg
(DE-224) Rudderow
(DE-225) Day
(DE-226) Crosley
(DE-227) Cread
(DE-228) Ruchamkin
(DE-229) Kirwin
(DE-230) Chaffee
(DE-231) Hodges
(DE-232) Kinzer
(DE-233) Register
(DE-234) Brock
(DE-235) John Q. Roberts
(DE-236) William M. Hobby
(DE-237) Ray K. Edwards
(DE-238) Stewart
(DE-239) Sturtevant
(DE-240) Moore
(DE-241) Keith
(DE-242) Tomich
(DE-243) J. Richard Ward
(DE-244) Otterstetter
(DE-245) Sloat
(DE-246) Snowden
(DE-247) Stanton
(DE-248) Swasey
(DE-249) Marchand
(DE-250) Hurst
(DE-251) Camp
(DE-252) Howard D. Crow
(DE-253) Pettit
(DE-254) Ricketts
(DE-255) Sellstrom
(DE-256) Seid
(DE-257) Smartt
(DE-258) Walter S. Brown
(DE-259) William C. Miller
(DE-260) Cabana
(DE-261) Dionne
(DE-262) Canfield
(DE-263) Deede
(DE-264) Elden
(DE-265) Cloues
(DE-266) Wintle
(DE-267) Dempsey
(DE-268) Duffy
(DE-269) Eisner
(DE-270) Gilette
(DE-271) Fleming
(DE-272) Lovering
(DE-273) Sander
(DE-274) O'Tool
(DE-275) Reybold
(DE-276) George
(DE-277) Herzog
(DE-278) Tisdale
(DE-279) Trumpeter
(DE-280) Kingsmill
(DE-281) Arthur L. Bristol
(DE-282) Truxtun
(DE-283) Upham
(DE-284) Weekes
(DE-286) Sutton
(DE-287) William M. Wood
(DE-288) William R. Rush
(DE-289) unnamed
(DE-290) Williams
DE-291 to DE-300 cancelled
(DE-301) Lake
(DE-302) Lyman
(DE-303) Crowley
(DE-304) Rall
(DE-305) Halloran
(DE-306) Connolly
(DE-307) Finnegan
(DE-308) Creamer
(DE-309) Ely
(DE-310) Delbert W. Halsey
(DE-311) Keppler
(DE-312) Lloyd Thomas
(DE-313) William C. Lawe
(DE-314) William Keith
(DE-315) Unnammed
(DE-316) Harveson
(DE-317) Joyce
(DE-318) Kirkpatrick
(DE-319) Leopold
(DE-320) Menges
(DE-321) Mosley
(DE-322) Newell
(DE-323) Pride
(DE-324) Falgout
(DE-325) Lowe
(DE-326) Gary
(DE-327) Brister
(DE-328) Finch
(DE-329) Kretchmer
(DE-330) O'Reilly
(DE-331) Koiner
(DE-332) Price
(DE-333) Strickland
(DE-334) Forster
(DE-335) Daniel
(DE-336) Roy O. Hale
(DE-337) Dale W. Peterson
(DE-338) Martin H. Ray
(DE-339) John C. Butler
(DE-340) O'Flaherty
(DE-341) Raymond
(DE-342) Richard W. Suesens
(DE-343) Abercrombie
(DE-344) Oberrender
(DE-345) Robert Brazier
(DE-346) Edwin A. Howard
(DE-347) Jesse Rutherford
(DE-348) Key
(DE-349) Gentry
(DE-350) Traw
(DE-351) Maurice J. Manuel
(DE-352) Naifeh
(DE-353) Doyle C. Barnes
(DE-354) Kenneth M. Willett
(DE-355) Jaccard
(DE-356) Lloyd E. Acree
(DE-357) George E. Davis
(DE-358) Mack
(DE-359) Woodson
(DE-360) Johnnie Hutchins
(DE-361) Walton
(DE-362) Rolf
(DE-363) Pratt
(DE-364) Rombach
(DE-365) McGinty
(DE-366) Alvin C. Cockrell
(DE-367) French
(DE-368) Cecil J. Doyle
(DE-369) Thaddeus Parker
(DE-370) John L. Williamson
(DE-371) Presley
(DE-372) Williams
(DE-373) William C. Lawe
(DE-374) Lloyd Thomas
(DE-375) Keppler
(DE-376) Kleinsmith
(DE-377) Henry W. Tucker
(DE-378) Weiss
(DE-379) Francovich
DE-380 and DE-381 cancelled unnamed
(DE-382) Ramsden
(DE-383) Mills
(DE-384) Rhodes
(DE-385) Richey
(DE-386) Savage
(DE-387) Vance
(DE-388) Lansing
(DE-389) Durant
(DE-390) Calcaterra
(DE-391) Chambers
(DE-392) Merrill
(DE-393) Haverfield
(DE-394) Swenning
(DE-395) Willis
(DE-396) Janssen
(DE-397) Wilhoite
(DE-398) Cockrill
(DE-399) Stockdale
(DE-400) Hissem
(DE-401) Holder
(DE-402) Richard S. Bull
(DE-403) Richard M. Rowell
(DE-404) Eversole
(DE-405) Dennis
(DE-406) Edmonds
(DE-407) Shelton
(DE-408) Straus
(DE-409) La Prade
(DE-410) Jack Miller
(DE-411) Stafford
(DE-412) Walter C. Wann
(DE-413) Samuel B. Roberts
(DE-414) Le Ray Wilson
(DE-415) Lawrence C. Taylor
(DE-416) Melvin R. Nawman
(DE-417) Oliver Mitchell
(DE-418) Tabberer
(DE-419) Robert F. Keller
(DE-420) Leland E. Thomas
(DE-421) Chester T. O'Brien
(DE-422) Douglas A. Munro
(DE-423) Dufilho
(DE-424) Haas
DE-425 to DE-437 never laid down
(DE-438) Corbesier
(DE-439) Conklin
(DE-440) McCoy Reynolds
(DE-441) William Seiverling
(DE-442) Ulvert M. Moore
(DE-443) Kendall C. Campbell
(DE-444) Goss
(DE-445) Grady
(DE-446) Charles E. Brannon
(DE-447) Albert T. Harris
(DE-448) Cross
(DE-449) Hanna
(DE-450) Joseph E. Connolly
(DE-451) Woodrow R. Thompson
(DE-452) Steinaker
DE-453 to DE-507 cancelled unnamed
(DE-508) Gilligan
(DE-509) Formoe
(DE-510) Heyliger
DE-511 to DE-515 never laid down
(DE-516) Lawford
(DE-517) Louis
(DE-518) Lawson
(DE-519) Pasley/Lindsay
(DE-520) Loring
(DE-521) Hoste
(DE-522) Moorsom
(DE-523) Manners
(DE-524) Mounsey
(DE-525) Inglis
(DE-526) Inman
(DE-527) O'Toole
(DE-528) John J. Powers
(DE-529) Mason
(DE-530) John M. Bermingham
(DE-531) Edward H. Allen
(DE-532) Tweedy
(DE-533) Howard F. Clark
(DE-534) Silverstein
(DE-535) Lewis
(DE-536) Bivin
(DE-537) Rizzi
(DE-538) Osberg
(DE-539) Wagner
(DE-540) Vandivier
(DE-541) Sheehan
(DE-542) Oswald A. Powers
(DE-543) Groves
(DE-544) Alfred Wolf
(DE-545) Harold J. Ellison
(DE-546) Myles C. Fox
(DE-547) Charles R. Ware
(DE-548) Carpellotti
(DE-549) Eugene A. Greene
(DE-550) Gyatt
(DE-551) Benner
(DE-552) Kenneth D. Bailey
(DE-553) Dennis J. Buckley
(DE-554) Everett F. Larson
(DE-555) Rogers Blood
(DE-556) William R. Rush
(DE-557) William M. Wood
DE-558 to DE-562 never laid down
(DE-563) Spragge
(DE-564) Stayner
(DE-565) Thornborough
(DE-566) Trollope
(DE-567) Tyler
(DE-568) Torrington
(DE-569) Torrington
(DE-570) Narborough
(DE-571) Whitaker
(DE-572) Holmes
(DE-573) Hargood
(DE-574) Hotham
(DE-575) Ahrens
(DE-576) Barr
(DE-577) Alexander J. Luke
(DE-578) Robert I. Paine
(DE-579) Riley
(DE-580) Leslie L.B. Knox
(DE-581) McNulty
(DE-582) Metivier
(DE-583) George A. Johnson
(DE-584) Charles J. Kimmel
(DE-585) Daniel A. Joy
(DE-586) Lough
(DE-587) Thomas F. Nickel
(DE-588) Peiffer
(DE-589) Tinsman
(DE-590) Ringness
(DE-591) Knudson
(DE-592) Rednour
(DE-593) Tollberg
(DE-594) William J. Pattison
(DE-595) Myers
(DE-596) Walter B. Cobb
(DE-597) Earle B. Hall
(DE-598) Harry L. Corl
(DE-599) Belet
(DE-600) Julius A. Raven
(DE-601) Walsh
(DE-602) Hunter Marshall
(DE-603) Earheart
(DE-604) Walter S. Gorka
(DE-605) Rogers Blood
(DE-606) Francovich
DE-607 to DE-632 never laid down
(DE-633) Foreman
(DE-634) Whitehurst
(DE-635) England
(DE-636) Witter
(DE-637) Bowers
(DE-638) Willmarth
(DE-639) Gendreau
(DE-640) Fieberling
(DE-641) William C. Cole
(DE-642) Paul G. Baker
(DE-643) Damon M. Cummings
(DE-644) Vammen
DE-645 to DE-664 never laid down
(DE-665) Jenks
(DE-666) Durik
(DE-667) Wiseman
(DE-668) Yokes
(DE-669) Pavlic
(DE-670) Odum
(DE-671) Jack C. Robinson
(DE-672) Bassett
(DE-673) John P. Gray
(DE-674) Joseph M. Auman
(DE-675) Weber
(DE-676) Schmitt
(DE-677) Frament
(DE-678) Harmon
(DE-679) Greenwood
(DE-680) Loeser
(DE-681) Gillette
(DE-682) Underhill
(DE-683) Henry R. Kenyon
(DE-684) De Long
(DE-685) Coates
(DE-686) Eugene E. Elmore
(DE-687) Kline
(DE-688) Raymon W. Herndon
(DE-689) Scribner
(DE-690) Diachenko
(DE-691) Horace A. Bass
(DE-692) Wantuck
(DE-693) Bull
(DE-694) Bunch
(DE-695) Rich
(DE-696) Spangler
(DE-697) George
(DE-698) Raby
(DE-699) Marsh
(DE-700) Currier
(DE-701) Osmus
(DE-702) Earl V. Johnson
(DE-703) Holton
(DE-704) Cronin
(DE-705) Frybarger
(DE-706) Holt
(DE-707) Jobb
(DE-708) Parle
(DE-709) Bray
(DE-710) Gosselin
(DE-711) Begor
(DE-712) Cavallaro
(DE-713) Donald W. Wolf
(DE-714) Cook
(DE-715) Walter X. Young
(DE-716) Balduck
(DE-717) Burdo
(DE-718) Kleinsmith
(DE-719) Weiss
(DE-720) Carpellotti
(DE-721) Don O. Woods
(DE-722) Beverly W. Reid
(DE-723) Walter X. Young
DE-724 to DE-738 never laid down
(DE-739) Bangust
(DE-740) Waterman
(DE-741) Weaver
(DE-742) Hilbert
(DE-743) Lamons
(DE-744) Kyne
(DE-745) Snyder
(DE-746) Hemminger
(DE-747) Bright
(DE-748) Tills
(DE-749) Roberts
(DE-750) McClelland
(DE-751) Gaynier
(DE-752) Curtis W. Howard
(DE-753) John J. Vanburen
(DE-754) Willard Keith
(DE-755) Paul G. Baker
(DE-756) Damon Cummings
DE-757 to DE-762 cancelled
(DE-763) Cates
(DE-764) Gandy
(DE-765) Earl K. Olsen
(DE-766) Slater
(DE-767) Oswald
(DE-768) Ebert
(DE-769) Neal A. Scott
(DE-770) Muir
(DE-771) Sutton
(DE-772) Milton Lewis
(DE-773) George M. Campbell
(DE-774) Russell M. Cox
DE-775 to DE-788 never laid down
(DE-789) Tatum
(DE-790) Borum
(DE-791) Maloy
(DE-792) Haines
(DE-793) Runels
(DE-794) Hollis
(DE-795) Gunason
(DE-796) Major
(DE-797) Weeden
(DE-798) Varian
(DE-799) Scroggins
(DE-800) Jack W. Wilke
DE-801 to DE-995 cancelled unnamed
DE-996 to DE-1005 cancelled unnamed
(DE-1006) Dealey
DE-1007 to DE-1013
(DE-1014) Cromwell
(DE-1015) Hammerberg
DE-1016 to DE-1019 paid for by United States Navy
DE-1020 paid for by the United States Navy
(DE-1021) Courtney
(DE-1022) Lester
(DE-1023) Evans
(DE-1024) Bridget
(DE-1025) Bauer
(DE-1026) Hooper
(DE-1027) John Willis
(DE-1028) Van Voorhis
(DE-1029) Hartley
(DE-1030) Taussig
DE-1031 paid for by the United States Navy
DE-1032 paid for by the United States Navy
(DE-1033) Claud Jones
(DE-1034) John R. Perry
(DE-1035) Charles Berry
(DE-1036) McMorris
(DE-1037) Bronstein
(DE-1038) McCloy
DE-1039 paid for by the United States Navy
(DE-1040) Garcia
(DE-1041) Bradley
DE-1042 paid for by the United States Navy
(DE-1043) Edward McDonnell
(DE-1044) Brumby
(DE-1045) Davidson
DE-1046 paid for by Navy built in Italy for Portuguese Navy
(DE-1047) Voge
(DE-1048) Sample
(DE-1049) Koelsch
(DE-1050) Albert David
(DE-1051) O'Callahan
(DE-1052) Knox
(DE-1053) Roark
(DE-1054) Gray
(DE-1055) Hepburn
(DE-1056) Connole
(DE-1057) Rathburne
(DE-1058) Meyerkord
(DE-1059) William S. Sims
(DE-1060) Lang
(DE-1061) Patterson
(DE-1062) Whipple
(DE-1063) Reasoner
(DE-1064) Lockwood
(DE-1065) Stein
(DE-1066) Marvin Shields
(DE-1067) Francis Hammond
(DE-1068) Vreeland
(DE-1069) Bagley
(DE-1070) Downes
(DE-1071) Badger
(DE-1072) Blakely
(DE-1073) Robert E. Peary
(DE-1074) Harold E. Holt
(DE-1075) Trippe
(DE-1076) Fanning
(DE-1077) Ouellett
(DE-1078) Joseph Hewes
(DE-1079) Bowen
(DE-1080) Paul
(DE-1081) Alwyn
(DE-1082) Elmer Montgomery
(DE-1083) Cook
(DE-1084) McCandless
(DE-1085) Donald B. Beary
(DE-1086) Brewton
(DE-1087) Kirk
(DE-1088) Barbey
(DE-1089) Jesse L. Brown
(DE-1090) Ainsworth
(DE-1091) Miller
(DE-1092) Thomas C. Hart
(DE-1093) Capodanno
(DE-1094) Pharris
(DE-1095) Truett
(DE-1096) Valdez
(DE-1097) Moinester
DE-1098 to-1107 Cancelled
(DE-1098) Glover (number 1098 being re-used)

AVG-1/BAVG-1 Became HMS Archer
AVG-2/BAVG-2 Became HMS Avenger
AVG-3/BAVG-3 Became HMS Biter later French Navy Dixmude
AVG-4/BAVG-4 Became HMS Charger briefly, USS Charger (CVE-30)
AVG-5/BAVG-5 Became HMS Dasher
BAVG-6 Became HMS Tracker
Long Island CVE-1
Altamaha CVE-6 Became HMS Battler
Barnes CVE-7 Became HMS Attacker
Block Island CVE-8 Became HMS Hunter
Bogue CVE-9
Breton CVE-10 Became HMS Chaser
Card CVE-11
Copahee CVE-12
Core CVE-13
Croatan CVE-14 Became HMS Fencer
Hamlin CVE-15 Became HMS Stalker
Nassau CVE-16
St. George CVE-17 Became HMS Pursuer
Altamaha CVE-18
Prince William CVE-19 Became HMS Striker
Barnes CVE-20
Block Island CVE-21
CVE-22 Became HMS Searcher
Breton CVE-23
CVE-24 Became HMS Ravager
Croatan CVE-25
Sangamon CVE-26
Suwannee CVE-27
Chenango CVE-28
Santee CVE-29
Charger CVE-30 Same ship as AVG-4 and HMS Charger
Prince William CVE-31
Chatham CVE-32 Became HMS Slinger
Glacier CVE-33 Became HMS Atheling
Pybus CVE-34 Became HMS Emperor
Baffins CVE-35 Became HMS Ameer
Bolinas CVE-36 Became HMS Begum
Bastian CVE-37 Became HMS Trumpeter
Carnegie CVE-38 Became HMS Empress
Cordova CVE-39 Became HMS Khedive
Delgada CVE-40 Became HMS Speaker
Edisto CVE-41 Became HMS Nabob
Estero CVE-42 Became HMS Premier
Jamaica CVE-43 Became HMS Shah
Keweenaw CVE-44 Became HMS Patroller
Prince CVE-45 Became HMS Rajah
Niantic CVE-46 Became HMS Ranee
Perdido CVE-47 Became HMS Trouncer
Sunset CVE-48 Became HMS Thane
St. Andrews CVE-49 Became HMS Queen
St. Joseph CVE-50 Became HMS Ruler
St. Simon CVE-51 Became HMS Arbiter
Vermillion CVE-52 Became HMS Smiter
Willapa CVE-53 Became HMS Puncher
Winjah CVE-54 Became HMS Reaper
Casablanca CVE-55
Liscome Bay CVE-56
Coral Sea CVE-57 Renamed USS Anzio
Corregidor CVE-58
Mission Bay CVE-59
Guadalcanal CVE-60
Manila Bay CVE-61
Natoma Bay CVE-62
Midway CVE-63
Tripoli CVE-64
Wake Island CVE-65
White Plains CVE-66
Solomons CVE-67
Kalinin Bay CVE-68
Kasaan Bay CVE-69
Fanshaw Bay CVE-70
Kitkun Bay CVE-71
Tulagi CVE-72
Gambier Bay CVE-73
Nehenta Bay CVE-74
Hoggatt Bay CVE-75
Kadashan Bay CVE-76
Marcus Island CVE-77
Savo Island CVE-78
Ommaney Bay CVE-79
Petrof Bay CVE-80
Rudyerd Bay CVE-81
Saginaw Bay CVE-82
Sargent Bay CVE-83
Shamrock Bay CVE-84
Shipley Bay CVE-85
Sitkoh Bay CVE-86
Steamer Bay CVE-87
Cape Esperance CVE-88
Takanis Bay CVE-89
Thetis Bay CVE-90
Makassar Strait CVE-91
Windham Bay CVE-92
Makin Island CVE-93
Lunga Point CVE-94
Bismarck Sea CVE-95
Salamaua CVE-96
Hollandia CVE-97
Kwajalein CVE-98
Admiralty Islands CVE-99
Bougainville CVE-100
Matanikau CVE-101
Attu CVE-102
Roi CVE-103
Munda CVE-104
Commencement Bay CVE-105
Block Island CVE-106
Gilbert Islands CVE-107
Kula Gulf CVE-108
Cape Gloucester CVE-109
Salerno Bay CVE-110
Vella Gulf CVE-111
Siboney CVE-112
Puget Sound CVE-113
Rendova CVE-114
Bairoko CVE-115
Badoeng Strait CVE-116
Saidor CVE-117
Sicily CVE-118
Point Cruz CVE-119
Mindoro CVE-120
Rabaul CVE-121
Palau CVE-122
Tinian CVE-123
Bastogne CVE-124 Cancelled
Eniwetok CVE-125 Cancelled
Lingayen CVE-126
Okinawa CVE-127
Intelligent Whale
SSK-1 Barracuda
SSK-2 Bass
SSK-3 Bonita
SST-1 Mackerel/T-1
SST-2 Marlin/T-2
SF-1 AA-1/T-1 Also SS-52
SF-2 AA-2/T-2 Also SS-60
SF-3 AA-3/T-3 Also SS-61
SF-4 V-1
SF-5 V-2
SF-6 V-3
SF-7 V-4
SM-1 Argonaut
SS-1 Holland
SS-2 Plunger/A-1
SS-3 Adder/A-2
SS-4 Grampus/A-3
SS-5 Moccasin/A-4
SS-6 Pike/A-5
SS-7 Porpoise/A-6
SS-8 Shark/A-7
SS-9 Octopus/C-1
SS-10 Viper/B-1
SS-11 Cuttlefish/B-2
SS-12 Tarantula/B-3
SS-13 Stingray/C-2
SS-14 Tarpon/C-3
SS-15 Bonita/C-4
SS-16 Snapper/C-5
SS-17 Narwhal/D-1
SS-18 Grayling/D-2
SS-19 Salmon/D-3
SS-19½ Seal/G-1
SS-20 Carp/F-1
SS-21 Barracuda/F-2
SSN-21 Seawolf
SS-22 Pickerel/F-3
SSN-22 Connecticut
SS-23 F-4
SSN-23 Jimmy Carter
SS-24 E-1
SS-25 E-2
SS-26 G-4
SS-27 G-2
SS-28 Seawolf/H-1
SS-29 Nautilus/H-2
SS-30 Garfish/H-3
SS-31 G-3
SS-32 K-1
SS-33 K-2
SS-34 K-3
SS-35 K-4
SS-36 K-5
SS-37 K-6
SS-38 K-7
SS-39 K-8
SS-40 L-1
SS-41 L-2
SS-42 L-3
SS-43 L-4
SS-44 L-5
SS-45 L-6
SS-46 L-7
SS-47 M-1
SS-48 L-8
SS-49 L-9
SS-50 L-10
SS-51 L-11
SS-52 AA-1/T-1 Also SF-1
SS-53 N-1
SS-54 N-2
SS-55 N-3
SS-56 N-4
SS-57 N-5
SS-58 N-6
SS-59 N-7
SS-60 AA-2/T-2 Also SF-2
SS-61 AA-3/T-3 Also SF-3
SS-62 O-1
SS-63 O-2
SS-64 O-3
SS-65 O-4
SS-66 O-5
SS-67 O-6
SS-68 O-7
SS-69 O-8
SS-70 O-9
SS-71 O-10
SS-72 O-11
SS-73 O-12
SS-74 O-13
SS-75 O-14
SS-76 O-15
SS-77 O-16
SS-78 R-1
SS-79 R-2
SS-80 R-3
SS-81 R-4
SS-82 R-5
SS-83 R-6
SS-84 R-7
SS-85 R-8
SS-86 R-9
SS-87 R-10
SS-88 R-11
SS-89 R-12
SS-90 R-13
SS-91 R-14
SS-92 R-15
SS-93 R-16
SS-94 R-17
SS-95 R-18
SS-96 R-19
SS-97 R-20
SS-98 R-21
SS-99 R-22
SS-100 R-23
SS-101 R-24
SS-102 R-25
SS-103 R-26
SS-104 R-27
SS-105 S-1
SS-106 S-2
SS-107 S-3
SS-107 S-3
SS-109 S-4
SS-110 S-5
SS-111 S-6
SS-112 S-7
SS-113 S-8
SS-114 S-9
SS-115 S-10
SS-116 S-11
SS-117 S-12
SS-118 S-13
SS-119 S-14
SS-120 S-15
SS-121 S-16
SS-122 S-17
SS-123 S-18
SS-124 S-19
SS-125 S-20
SS-126 S-21
SS-127 S-22
SS-128 S-23
SS-129 S-24
SS-130 S-25
SS-131 S-26
SS-132 S-27
SS-133 S-28
SS-134 S-29
SS-135 S-30
SS-136 S-31
SS-137 S-32
SS-138 S-33
SS-139 S-34
SS-140 S-35
SS-141 S-36
SS-142 S-37
SS-143 S-38
SS-144 S-39
SS-145 S-40
SS-146 S-41
SS-147 H-4
SS-148 H-5
SS-149 H-6
SS-150 H-7
SS-151 H-8
SS-152 H-9
SS-153 S-42
SS-154 S-43
SS-155 S-44
SS-156 S-45
SS-157 S-46
SS-158 S-47
SS-159 S-48
SS-160 S-49
SS-161 S-50
SS-162 S-51
SS-163 Barracuda
SS-164 Bass
SS-165 Bonita
SS-166 Argonaut
SS-167 Narwhal
SS-168 Nautilus
SS-169 Dolphin
SS-170 Cachalot
SS-171 Cuttlefish
SS-172 Porpoise
SS-173 Pike
SS-174 Shark
SS-175 Tarpon
SS-176 Perch
SS-177 Pickerel
SS-178 Permit
SS-179 Plunger
SS-180 Pollack
SS-181 Pompano
SS-182 Salmon
SS-183 Seal
SS-184 Skipjack
SS-185 Snapper
SS-186 Stingray
SS-187 Sturgeon
SS-188 Sargo
SS-189 Saury
SS-190 Spearfish
SS-191 Sculpin
SS-192 Squalus/Sailfish
SS-193 Swordfish
SS-194 Seadragon
SS-195 Sealion
SS-196 Searaven
SS-197 Seawolf
SS-198 Tambor
SS-199 Tautog
SS-200 Thresher
SS-201 Triton
SS-202 Trout
SS-203 Tuna
SS-204 Mackerel
SS-205 Marlin
SS-206 Gar
SS-207 Grampus
SS-208 Grayback
SS-209 Grayling
SS-210 Grenadier
SS-211 Gudgeon
SS-212 Gato
SS-213 Greenling
SS-214 Grouper
SS-215 Growler
SS-216 Grunion
SS-217 Guardfish
SS-218 Albacore
SS-219 Amberjack
SS-220 Barb
SS-221 Blackfish
SS-222 Bluefish
SS-223 Bonefish
SS-224 Cod
SS-225 Cero
SS-226 Corvina
SS-227 Darter
SS-228 Drum
SS-229 Flying Fish
SS-230 Finback
SS-231 Haddock
SS-232 Halibut
SS-233 Herring
SS-234 Kingfish
SS-235 Shad
SS-236 Silversides
SS-237 Trigger
SS-238 Wahoo
SS-239 Whale
SS-240 Angler
SS-241 Bashaw
SS-242 Bluegill
SS-243 Bream
SS-244 Cavalla
SS-245 Cobia
SS-246 Croaker
SS-247 Dace
SS-248 Dorado
SS-249 Flasher
SS-250 Flier
SS-251 Flounder
SS-252 Gabilan
SS-253 Gunnel
SS-254 Gurnard
SS-255 Haddo
SS-256 Hake
SS-257 Harder
SS-258 Hoe
SS-259 Jack
SS-260 Lapon
SS-261 Mingo
SS-262 Muskallunge
SS-263 Paddle
SS-264 Pargo
SS-265 Peto
SS-266 Pogy
SS-267 Pompon
SS-268 Puffer
SS-269 Rasher
SS-270 Raton
SS-271 Ray
SS-272 Redfin
SS-273 Robalo
SS-274 Rock
SS-275 Runner
SS-276 Sawfish
SS-277 Scamp
SS-278 Scorpion
SS-279 Snook
SS-280 Steelhead
SS-281 Sunfish
SS-282 Tunny
SS-283 Tinosa
SS-284 Tullibee
SS-285 Balao
SS-286 Billfish
SS-287 Bowfin
SS-288 Cabrilla
SS-289 Capelin
SS-290 Cisco
SS-291 Crevalle
SS-292 Devilfish
SS-293 Dragonet
SS-294 Escolar
SS-295 Hackleback
SS-296 Lancetfish
SS-297 Ling
SS-298 Lionfish
SS-299 Manta
SS-300 Moray
SS-301 Roncador
SS-302 Sabalo
SS-303 Sablefish
SS-304 Seahorse
SS-305 Skate
SS-306 Tang
SS-307 Tilefish
SS-308 Apogon
SS-309 Aspro
SS-310 Batfish
SS-311 Archerfish
SS-312 Burrfish
SS-313 Perch
SS-314 Shark
SS-315 Sealion
SS-316 Barbel
SS-317 Barbero
SS-318 Baya
SS-319 Becuna
SS-320 Bergall
SS-321 Besugo
SS-322 Blackfin
SS-323 Caiman
SS-324 Blenny
SS-325 Blower
SS-326 Blueback
SS-327 Boarfish
SS-328 Charr
SS-329 Chub
SS-330 Brill
SS-331 Bugara
SS-332 Bullhead
SS-333 Bumper
SS-334 Cabezon
SS-335 Dentuda
SS-336 Capitaine
SS-337 Carbonero
SS-338 Carp
SS-339 Catfish
SS-340 Entemedor
SS-341 Chivo
SS-342 Chopper
SS-343 Clamagore
SS-344 Cobbler
SS-345 Cochino
SS-346 Corporal
SS-347 Cubera
SS-348 Cusk
SS-349 Diodon
SS-350 Dogfish
SS-351 Greenfish
SS-352 Halfbeak
SS-353 Dugong
SS-354 Eel
SS-355 Espada
SS-356 Jawfish
SS-357 Ono
SS-358 Garlopa
SS-359 Garrupa
SS-360 Goldring
SS-361 Golet
SS-362 Guavina
SS-363 Guitarro
SS-364 Hammerhead
SS-365 Hardhead
SS-366 Hawkbill
SS-367 Icefish
SS-368 Jallao
SS-369 Kete
SS-370 Kraken
SS-371 Lagarto
SS-372 Lamprey
SS-373 Lizardfish
SS-374 Loggerhead
SS-375 Macabi
SS-376 Mapiro
SS-377 Menhaden
SS-378 Mero
SS-379 Needlefish
SS-380 Nerka
SS-381 Sand Lance
SS-382 Picuda
SS-383 Pampanito
SS-384 Parche
SS-385 Bang
SS-386 Pilotfish
SS-387 Pintado
SS-388 Pipefish
SS-389 Piranha
SS-390 Plaice
SS-391 Pomfret
SS-392 Sterlet
SS-393 Queenfish
SS-394 Razorback
SS-395 Redfish
SS-396 Ronquil
SS-397 Scabbardfish
SS-398 Segundo
SS-399 Sea Cat
SS-400 Sea Devil
SS-401 Sea Dog
SS-402 Sea Fox
SS-403 Atule
SS-404 Spikefish
SS-405 Sea Owl
SS-406 Sea Poacher
SS-407 Sea Robin
SS-408 Sennet
SS-409 Piper
SS-410 Threadfin
SS-411 Spadefish
SS-412 Trepang
SS-413 Spot
SS-414 Springer
SS-415 Stickleback
SS-416 Tiru
SS-417 Tench
SS-418 Thornback
SS-419 Tigrone
SS-420 Tirante
SS-421 Trutta
SS-422 Toro
SS-423 Torsk
SS-424 Quillback
SS-425 Trumpetfish
SS-426 Tusk
SS-427 Turbot
SS-428 Ulua
SS-429 Unicorn
SS-430 Vendace
SS-431 Walrus
SS-432 Whitefish
SS-433 Whiting
SS-434 Wolffish
SS-435 Corsair
SS-436 Unicorn
SS-437 Walrus
438 to 474 cancelled
SS-475 Argonaut
SS-476 Runner
SS-477 Conger
SS-478 Cutlass
SS-479 Diablo
SS-480 Medregal
SS-481 Requin
SS-482 Irex
SS-483 Sea Leopard
SS-484 Odax
SS-485 Sirago
SS-486 Pomodon
SS-487 Remora
SS-488 Sarda
SS-489 Spinax
SS-490 Volador
SS-491 Pompano
SS-492 Grayling
SS-493 Needlefish
SS-494 Sculpin
SS-495 to SS-521 cancelled
SS-522 Amberjack
SS-523 Grampus
SS-524 Pickerel
SS-525 Grenadier
SS-526 Dorado
SS-527 Comber
SS-528 Sea Panther
SS-529 Tiburon
SS-530 to SS-549 cancelled
SS-550 Barracuda
SS-551 Bass
SS-552 Bonita
SS-553 Kinn KNM Kinn (S316)
SS-554 Springeren HDMS Springeren (S329)
AGSS-555 Dolphin
SS-557 to SS-562
SS-563 Tang
SS-564 Trigger
SS-565 Wahoo
SS-566 Trout
SS-567 Gudgeon
SS-568 Harder
AGSS-569 Albacore
AGSS-570 completed as SST-1
SSN-571 Nautilus
SSR-572 Sailfish
SSR-573 Salmon
SSG-574 Grayback
SSN-575 Seawolf
SS-576 Darter
SSG-577 Growler
SSN-578 Skate
SSN-579 Swordfish
SS-580 Barbel
SS-581 Blueback
SS-582 Bonefish
SSN-583 Sargo
SSN-584 Seadragon
SSN-585 Skipjack
SSRN-586 Triton
SSGN-587 Halibut
SSN-588 Scamp
SSN-589 Scorpion
SSN-590 Sculpin
SSN-591 Shark
SSN-592 Snook
SSN-593 Thresher
SSN-594 Permit
SSN-595 Plunger
SSN-596 Barb
SSN-597 Tullibee
SSBN-598 George Washington
SSBN-599 Patrick Henry
SSBN-600 Theodore Roosevelt
SSBN-601 Robert E. Lee
SSBN-602 Abraham Lincoln
SSN-603 Pollack
SSN-604 Haddo
SSN-605 Jack
SSN-606 Tinosa
SSN-607 Dace
SSBN-608 Ethan Allen
SSBN-609 Sam Houston
SSBN-610 Thomas A. Edison
SSBN-611 John Marshall
SSN-612 Guardfish
SSN-613 Flasher
SSN-614 Greenling
SSN-615 Gato
SSBN-616 Lafayette
SSBN-617 Alexander Hamilton
SSBN-618 Thomas Jefferson
SSBN-619 Andrew Jackson
SSBN-620 John Adams
SSN-621 Haddock
SSBN-622 James Monroe
SSBN-623 Nathan Hale
SSBN-624 Woodrow Wilson
SSBN-625 Henry Clay
SSBN-626 Daniel Webster
SSBN-627 James Madison
SSBN-628 Tecumseh
SSBN-629 Daniel Boone
SSBN-630 John C. Calhoun
SSBN-631 Ulysses S. Grant
SSBN-632 Von Steuben
SSBN-633 Casimir Pulaski
SSBN-634 Stonewall Jackson
SSBN-635 Sam Rayburn
SSBN-636 Nathanael Greene
SSN-637 Sturgeon
SSN-638 Whale
SSN-639 Tautog
SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin
SSBN-641 Simon Bolivar
SSBN-642 Kamehameha
SSBN-643 George Bancroft
SSBN-644 Lewis and Clark
SSBN-645 James K. Polk
SSN-646 Grayling
SSN-647 Pogy
SSN-648 Aspro
SSN-649 Sunfish
SSN-650 Pargo
SSN-651 Queenfish
SSN-652 Puffer
SSN-653 Ray
SSBN-654 George C. Marshall
SSBN-655 Henry L. Stimson
SSBN-656 George Washington Carver
SSBN-657 Francis Scott Key
SSBN-658 Mariano G. Vallejo
SSBN-659 Will Rogers
SSN-660 Sand Lance
SSN-661 Lapon
SSN-662 Gurnard
SSN-663 Hammerhead
SSN-664 Sea Devil
SSN-665 Guitarro
SSN-666 Hawkbill
SSN-667 Bergall
SSN-668 Spadefish
SSN-669 Seahorse
SSN-670 Finback
SSN-671 Narwhal
SSN-672 Pintado
SSN-673 Flying Fish
SSN-674 Trepang
SSN-675 Bluefish
SSN-676 Billfish
SSN-677 Drum
SSN-678 Archerfish
SSN-679 Silversides
SSN-680 William H. Bates
SSN-681 Batfish
SSN-682 Tunny
SSN-683 Parche
SSN-684 Cavalla
SSN-685 Glenard P. Lipscomb
SSN-686 L. Mendel Rivers
SSN-687 Richard B. Russell
SSN-688 Los Angeles
SSN-689 Baton Rouge
SSN-690 Philadelphia
SSN-691 Memphis
SSN-692 Omaha
SSN-693 Cincinnati
SSN-694 Groton
SSN-695 Birmingham
SSN-696 New York City
SSN-697 Indianapolis
SSN-698 Bremerton
SSN-699 Jacksonville
SSN-700 Dallas
SSN-701 La Jolla
SSN-702 Phoenix
SSN-703 Boston
SSN-704 Baltimore
SSN-705 City of Corpus Christi
SSN-706 Albuquerque
SSN-707 Portsmouth
SSN-708 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
SSN-709 Hyman G. Rickover
SSN-710 Augusta
SSN-711 San Francisco
SSN-712 Atlanta
SSN-713 Houston
SSN-714 Norfolk
SSN-715 Buffalo
SSN-716 Salt Lake City
SSN-717 Olympia
SSN-718 Honolulu
SSN-719 Providence
SSN-720 Pittsburgh
SSN-721 Chicago
SSN-722 Key West
SSN-723 Oklahoma City
SSN-724 Louisville
SSN-725 Helena
SSGN-726) Ohio
SSGN-727) Michigan
SSGN-728) Florida
SSGN-729) Georgia
SSBN-730 Henry M. Jackson
SSBN-731 Alabama
SSBN-732 Alaska
SSBN-733 Nevada
SSBN-734 Tennessee
SSBN-735 Pennsylvania
SSBN-736 West Virginia
SSBN-737 Kentucky
SSBN-738 Maryland
SSBN-739 Nebraska
SSBN-740 Rhode Island
SSBN-741 Maine
SSBN-742 Wyoming
SSBN-743 Louisiana
744 to 749 unassigned
SSN-750 Newport News
SSN-751 San Juan
SSN-752 Pasadena
SSN-753 Albany
SSN-754 Topeka
SSN-755 Miami
SSN-756 Scranton
SSN-757 Alexandria
SSN-758 Asheville
SSN-759 Jefferson City
SSN-760 Annapolis
SSN-761 Springfield
SSN-762 Columbus
SSN-763 Santa Fe
SSN-764 Boise
SSN-765 Montpelier
SSN-766 Charlotte
SSN-767 Hampton
SSN-768 Hartford
SSN-769 Toledo
SSN-770 Tucson
SSN-771 Columbia
SSN-772 Greeneville
SSN-773 Cheyenne
SSN-774 Virginia
SSN-775 Texas
SSN-776 Hawaii
SSN-777 North Carolina
SSN-778 New Hampshire
SSN-779 New Mexico
SSN-780 Missouri
SSN-781 California
SSN-782 Mississippi
SSN-783 Minnesota
SSN-784 North Dakota
SSN-785 John Warner
SST-1 (AGSS-570) Mackerel
SM U-111 WWI U-boat
SM U-117 WWI U-boat
SM U-140 WWI U-boat
SM UB-88 WWI U-boat
SM UB-148 WWI U-boat
SM UC-97 WWI U-boat
U-2513 WWII U-boat
U-3008 WWII U-boat

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