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Search Engine for Mesothelioma Launches

Mesothelioma Search Engine to Consolidate Medical and Legal Information

New lung cancer search engine provides information on medical and legal web sites for those researching this asbestos-caused killer cancer

Minneapolis, MN, February 25, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- On the one-year anniversary of the launch of their Vioxx Search Engine (, Nielsen Technical Services today announced the launch of their Mesothelioma Search Engine (

Niche search engines or vertical search engines have increased in popularity, but the time and expense of creating and maintaining a search engine for a highly vertical segment of an available search audience is generally not a good investment financially. When asked about the financial viability of such a site, owner Chris Nielsen said, “We have some interested parties that would like to be associated with us and are exploring those options, but will not compromise our values for the sake of making a buck. The massive amount of money the asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers are spending have resulted in a feeding frenzy which has spawned thousands of sites and millions of pages of fluff, trash, and recycled content. I admit our site is expected to carry ads at some point, but that is not the reason for creating the site.”

Nielsen was then asked the reason for creating such a site. “I just could not find a central source to go for information where sites were not bidding or competitively optimizing for position and search engine ranking. Search engines are fighting to maintain relevancy but they are having problems. Many ‘scraper sites’ are only looking to get visitors that will click on ads to reach real content. If you try a search for ‘mesothelioma’ it should be clear what the problem is.”

As with their Vioxx medical and legal search engine, Mesothelioma Search Engine will carry no paid search engine results or paid inclusion of sites. The site has a form for visitors to suggest sites. The list of sites included in the index is posted on the site and available for download, a feature not offered by other search engines.

The company is indexing selected sites for those looking for more information such as patients, researchers, families, doctors, pharmacists, students, and those in the legal profession. This site is offered as a public service for those looking for information related to medical and legal information on mesothelioma lung cancer, or asbestos lung cancer for which there is no cure and is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers or asbestos dust.

About Nielsen Technical Services
The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been providing computer and software services since 1988. The Internet has transformed the company from a hardware services company into Internet consulting and specializes in search engine optimization.

Chris Nielsen
Mesothelioma Search Engine

C.B. housing authority to inspect all its properties for asbestos

By The Canadian Press

SYDNEY — The Cape Breton Housing Authority will inspect all of its properties to determine whether they’re insulated with asbestos-laced vermiculite.

A letter to tenants says vermiculite attic insulation containing asbestos fibres was found at housing complexes in the Whitney Pier and Ashby areas.

The next step is to find any other homes or apartment complexes that contain the insulation, and then have it tested for asbestos.

The discovery of asbestos in a sample taken from an Ashby terrace was confirmed to the housing authority’s safety co-ordinator in a letter last October.

But tenants weren’t told until the letter was released to the media by Cape Breton Nova MLA Gordie Gosse this month.

Exposure to asbestos can cause a scarring of the lungs called asbestosis, as well as cancer.

Gosse said Thursday he was pleased that all housing units will be inspected, but asked where the results are for tests that have already been completed.

Community Services Minister David Morse said last week that testing of one sample showed 1.6 per cent asbestos, while standards suggest one per cent is the maximum acceptable level for exposure.

"The residents need to know what percentage of asbestos was found in the vermiculite," Gosse said.

Call for more asbestos disease research

May 19, 2006 - Descendants of workers at a former James Hardie asbestos mine are calling for research into links between the deadly material and a range of diseases they suffer.

The Baryulgil asbestos mine, 85km north-west of Grafton in northern NSW, operated between 1944 and 1976.

The plight of the Baryulgil community will be among topics to be discussed this weekend in Sydney at the first ever national conference of Australia's asbestos victims groups.

The conference, organised by the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (ADFA), aims to share experiences and develop national strategies on asbestos related diseases.

ADFA president Barry Robson said members of the Baryulgil Aboriginal community had worked the mine, and their families and descendents now suffered a range of medical problems, including blood disorders, kidney problems, eye diseases and breathing difficulties.

Mr Robson said three grandchildren of different miners had lost their right eye from cancer.

James Hardie has agreed to extend compensation to miners who suffer recognised asbestos related diseases but there has been no research to prove a connection between asbestos and many of their descendents' problems.

"No one's proven it yet," said Mr Robson. "No one can come up with an answer because no one's done any research.

"The miners are being monitored but no one's looking after the children, who are in their 60s, and grandchildren, who are in their 30s.

"If they can prove they got a medical condition (from asbestos exposure) then they can put in a claim."

James Hardie last year gave in to pressure from ADFA and the NSW government and agreed to extend the building products company's historic $1.5 billion compensation agreement to the hundreds of people who had lived and worked in Baryulgil.

Baryulgil community members can only get compensation if they can prove a definitive link between the asbestos mine and the deaths or diseases of its residents.

So far, only a handful of people from Baryulgil have managed to receive any compensation over the past three decades.

Mr Robson said ADFA was calling on the federal government to match the NSW government's recent allocation of $6.9 million to set up The Asbestos Diseases Research Institute at Concord Hospital.

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